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Inspiring Stories from Peoria

The heart of our mission at VoyagePhoenix is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Greater Phoenix area’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out inspiring stories from Peoria and surrounding areas below.

Michele Duhigg

After 15 years working in both the small business and large corporate worlds – including eight years at a multi-national billion-dollar consulting firm – I felt unfulfilled and wanting more out of my career. I never bought into the 60-80 hour workweek or believed that it was worth sacrificing precious time with my family (especially my daughters) to bust my butt for my boss. Read more>>

Wendy Zanders

I was born in Trinidad and Tobago and I moved to Maryland when I was 14 years old. I was told that if I studied hard and got a good job, I would be successful. That statement always scared me because I have always struggled academically. I was on the honor roll in high school but I had to work twice as hard in everything I was doing. Looking back, that gave me the drive and determination to pursue things I was passionate about. Read more>>

Michele Trent

I spent the majority of my career in Marketing. I worked for a variety of organizations, non-profit, for profit, Fortune 500, and government entities. Marketing is what I knew but it wasn’t my purpose. I was from a family filled with entrepreneurs and yet that never seemed to be my bent. Or maybe it’s that I hadn’t found a business idea that filled me with enough passion to make the leap to start out on my own. Read more>>

Shelly Boucher

I’ve always loved the arts. I went to ASU for Broadcast Journalism–they didn’t have a film program at the time. I was acting in a small commercial and met a wonderful crew guy. I asked to work behind the camera as a production assistant! I started working my way up and today I work as a producer & production manager in film. I love the ever-changing challenges & opportunities! Arizona is mostly a commercial market these days. Read more>>

Nicole Krejci

I have always had creative genes thanks to my parents. As a child, my Dad was always building or creating something while my Mom was always redecorating our house room by room. My sister and I probably did every craft on the market as kids. Last summer, my daughter started making bracelets and sold a few to her friends at school and started coming home with special requests. Being a jewelry lover myself. Read more>>

Logan LeMieux

I worked at a large finance company for over six years and was passed over for multiple promotions. After a year of being degraded and put down by my team leader, I was essentially laid off but it was being called a termination. I tried for a few months to get a new job, applying and interviewing many times but I was denied most of them because of the black spot that the “termination” put on me. Read more>>

The Wild Mayberrys

We met in high school in our hometown of Fresno, CA and got married very young. Back in 2011, Mike joined the military. He was first stationed in South Korea while we were pregnant with our first son. We moved to Korea, where we spent a little over a year. While we lived in Korea in 2011/2012, we enjoyed being able to live in another country. Read more>>

Stephanie Cortina

I’m Stephanie. I’ve officially been in the beauty industry since 2006 when I became a licensed cosmetologist. However, my journey began long before then. Growing up my early teens weren’t only about friends and fun. It was when I started to use my hair to express myself, whether through a dramatic cut or trendy color. It was an outlet for me. Read more>>

Erin Denton

I’m Erin and I am the creative mind behind Desert Coastal Studios. I grew up in beautiful San Diego, CA, but have lived most of my adult life near Phoenix, AZ, where I currently reside. I earned a BFA in Art from Arizona State University in 1999. After graduating from college, I took a break from my creative aspirations while I focused my time on my family. Read more>>

Lufter Pink

Feeling nostalgic for the days I spent in high-school broadcast class. I wanted to get back into photography. So, naturally, I got pretty buzzed one night and started looking through craigslist for a cheap DSLR. Traded for it with an old amplifier, fifty dollars, the shaker of Lawry’s seasoned salt I kept in my car, and a sudden (yet welcome) kiss they stole from me in that Valero parking lot. A fond, yet brief Peoria romance. Read more>>

Kevin Coles

It started with the fear of my daughter being born into a crazy world and not knowing how to be best prepared for it. The idea in my head was to raise her to be a tactical and strong woman which led to choosing the name “Raising Tactical Daughters”. We started off small with the goal of reaching people on Instagram to show them what we stand for, and then we developed our online store. Read more>>

Robert and Erin Biggs

My name is Robert Biggs. My wife, Erin Biggs, and I own and operate Remedy Kettlebell Club in Peoria, Arizona. I’m so grateful to share our story with your readers. My and wife and I are very passionate about strength, fitness and health. I have been coaching for 20 years now with many certifications and competitions. One day one of my friends asked if we could help his mom. At the time, we only trained athletes out of my garage. Read more>>

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