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Inspiring Stories from Glendale

The heart of our mission at VoyagePhoenix is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Greater Phoenix area’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out inspiring stories from Glendale and surrounding areas below.

Talei Hornback

Racial injustices witnessed by the world in 2020 are a common happening, as many know. In 2018, I came across a celebrity tweet which posed a question to the Black community – what can we do to help? I remember it being difficult to think of a tangible solution, and wondered what I would say if someone were to ask me, directly. This thought sat with me for some time. I was also at a place in my career where I was wanting to do something purposeful with my skillset, while thinking about entrepreneurial opportunities. The Black Box was a concept created as a solution to these needs. The opportunity to build generational wealth is key to bridging inequalities. So, devising a way in which the everyday person could directly impact change, by supporting multiple Black-owned businesses with a single purchase, was the start of my journey. I left a ten year career in Advertising and took a leap of faith to make my concept a reality. Read more>>

Monique Hayward

A New York City native who also spent part of my childhood in Columbia, SC, I grew up pursuing my dream of being a journalist. I was the editor of my high school newspaper and idolized the fearless, intrepid reporters who I watched on TV every night and read their articles in magazines and newspapers. By the time I graduated from high school, I decided, I wanted to be a political reporter at the Washington Post and enrolled at the University of Maryland College Park, a top-10 journalism school in the Washington, DC area. At age 18 in 1988, I was not prescient at all about how the internet would disrupt the newspaper industry, but I realized quickly that the best reporters don’t usually start their careers “at the top” at the Washington Post or New York Times. Rather, you’re expected to pay your dues, work your way up, and not make much money before even getting a chance to compete for those highly coveted jobs at big-city media outlets. Read more>>

Matthew Crabb

My story begins after my first year of college, I was at a point where I wasn’t sure if what I was studying was something I actually wanted to do long term and decided it wasn’t. I changed into a program at ASU called Graphic Information Technology (GIT) and began to learn practical design and technical aspects of what it takes to be a well-rounded creative professional. I knew in order to be successful in this field, I couldn’t take my degree at face value, so I began to build my portfolio with musicians, mainly and small start-up businesses. These jobs helped me earn a little extra and allowed me to grow my skills at a faster pace than school was teaching me. Since graduating in the end of 2019, I have continued personal work with select musicians and have been able to create full campaigns, promos and collateral for releases as well as build brands to help artists make their mark in the industry. Professionally, I am the Graphics and Production Coordinator at a company called JNS Next. ( We specialize in Destination marketing and I have had the honor of working with destinations such as Visit Palm Springs, Greater Palm Springs CVB, and Sonoma Valley Tourism. Read more>>

Florinda Wilson

Sparkle Momm Marketing was created in January 2019 to ‘Inspire’ others with my unique passion for Creative Content, Direct Response Marketing and Collaboration through Family- Media Adventures and Activities throughout Arizona and surrounding areas. We provide Sponsored Travel Staycations, Family Getaway Adventures, Educational Demonstrations, and Motherhood Chaos. My family and I love sharing stories on our family travels and our content creation for Family Getaway Deals toward to Hottest Phoenix Resort Destinations!. Read more>>

Daniel Hendrick

I was born in Fontana, California, April 23rd 1958, the son of an amateur philosopher / hard-working steelworker, and a mother that, simply put, was extraordinary. I was the youngest of five children, two girls and three wild boys. We lived (all five of us) in a three-bedroom house with one bathroom, LOL (that always proved to be an interesting equation). We had a couple of acres of property, grew our own vegetables and raised cows and pigs to save money on our grocery bill (which was substantial with five kids). We loved to sing, it’s in our DNA. For years, we would go to church, come home and our mother would make us the most delicious roast beef with mashed potatoes that one could ever hope for. (I’ll never forget the smell of that roast filling the house as we walked in, it almost gave me palpitations). Both of my parents were from a small town in Oklahoma, so they had that ‘country cooking thing’ down to a science. After dinner, we frequently would end up in the den singing together for hours, and at times, I felt transported to other realms of consciousness. Read more>>

Frank Gatlin

We have close friends in Florida that purchased a freeze-dryer and decided to make some freeze-dried fruit and treats and they sent us a few bags to try. We fell in love with it and decided to send them an order for some random bags of whatever they wanted to send to us. We finished those bags and then ordered about $300 worth wholesale from them to take to a market to see what kind of response we would get from local people. When we discovered that almost no one in Arizona had even heard of freeze-dried candy or tried it, we decided we needed to get a freeze dryer and grab these customers before anyone else did so they could share our love of this awesome new way to enjoy candy, That is when Bellas Candy Shoppe was born. We named the company after our granddaughter, Isabella. Our goal is for this little home-based business to grow so it can be passed down to her and provide her with a future she will be proud to have. We ordered a machine and then had to painstaking wait about eight weeks for it to be built and shipped to us. Read more>>

Bree Aldana

My journey truly started in 2016, when I started my personal development journey and decided there had to be more for me out there. I felt out of touch with myself and lost with what my life had and hadn’t become. This led me on the fast track in my career in corporate America. I had switched directions within my career in Banking, pursued leadership roles and flourished in them. In 2018, I continued to climb the corporate ladder in a year had attained three promotions in six months, making more money than I ever had, living comfortably, and feeling proud of my achievements, but something was missing. Leadership became increasingly hard to incorporate; my way of leadership and development of people had been built on the mentality that we empower others to perform better, but my environment was reflecting a culture of we pressure others to perform or get out. I looked closely at my life, having reached my career goals, and I didn’t recognize myself, nor my life. I worked over 70hrs a week, my mentors were all overworked and had little to no social or family life, and I had isolated myself from the rest of the world because there was always a disaster to handle at work that required priority. Read more>>

Stephanie Herman

Stephanie Herman is a former principal ballerina and prodigy of George Balanchine, dancing the world with luminaries such as Rudolf Nureyev and Mikhail Baryshnikov. During her very lustrous career, she suffered some injuries that doctors were baffled with curing. Frustrated and refusing to believe she couldn’t heal, Stephanie educated herself on physical therapy and sought alternative methods of healing through the famous Carola Trier, the first disciple of Pilates founder Joseph Pilates. After a couple of years, not only was she injury and pain-free, but she found herself becoming even stronger than before her injuries. Because of this new found knowledge, she vowed to help and heal others through her unique trademark Wellness and Training program called “Pilates Ballet by Stephanie Herman”. Stephanie stays in shape still at the age of 70 through her own Pilates Ballet Program and continues her virtual teaching and performing, hoping to be a great role model to others. Read more>>

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