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Inspiring Stories from Glendale

The heart of our mission at VoyagePhoenix is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Greater Phoenix area’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out inspiring stories from Glendale and surrounding areas below.

Eric Sanchez

Eric Sanchez, Dancer/Choreographer, born and raised in the Bronx, New York City, found his path for Dance at the age of eight. Having gone through high school filling up his schedule with several dance programs, he graduated as the initial valedictorian of the Bronx Preparatory Charter School. After graduating, Eric continued his dance studies at the Alvin Ailey School and several NYC dance companies, including Violeta Galagarza’s KR3TS, Torey Nelson’s Live Co, and The Iconic House of Ninja, to name a few. After two years of working with a Talent Agent and booking commercials, TV and FILM, Eric packed his bags and left NYC for Los Angeles. Upon arrival, found work in music videos, industrials, stage productions and choreographing for performing artists. Read more>>

Brittany Woods

My very first job at the age of 14 was an equipment girl for a husband and wife wedding photography team. They were awesome and every weekend for a full year I traveled around central California with them to capture beautiful weddings! Fast forward 18 years later: I became the service photographer for my church, that’s where I realized I really enjoyed taking photos, and capturing life’s moments. Not long after becoming the service photographer I photographed my very first intimate wedding, from there my amazing husband Brian encouraged me to start Eden Grace Photos was birthed. The company is named after my only daughter Eden Grace. Today I’m a full-time entrepreneur taking photos for wedding and families! I absolutely love it! Read more>>

Mayen Orido

Way Beyond Cakes started in a small kitchen in Baltimore, about 13 years ago. I had just resigned from my job as a pharmaceutical representative and wanted to focus on my little 6-month-old boy, Jared. Baking started as a hobby, and I learned a lot through trial and error and through bits and pieces I have learned through the internet and the kindness of strangers. I realized early on that I was more excited with challenging elements and I started pushing the boundaries of what ordinary cakes should look like. I started sharing my tips and learned techniques on YouTube. Read more>>

Marie Poppins

We are the group Femme Fatale. We are an international Dance trio based in Los Angeles. The members are Marie Poppins, Lily Frias and Dassy Lee. We are from France, Mexico, and South Korea. We moved to the United States to pursue our dream as dancers and choreographers. We are specialized in Street Dance, especially Popping and Waacking. The group Femme Fatale was created in 2016 after a successful performance at the Choreographer’s Ball in Los Angeles and the video of this performance went viral. Read more>>

Jessica Misluk

In 2000 when I was 18/19, I was studying in Jerusalem. I have always had some social anxiety and was never a fan of the bar scene because it’s typically loud and crowded. I discovered hookah lounges over there and fell in love with having a place where you could go out but actually relax and enjoy the company of your friends or a date. When I returned home to Maine, I decided I wanted to open a place like that, so I worked 80/90 hour workweeks at a group home to save up to open a hookah lounge in Portland. Read more>>


Dawn Young

Having loved math and science in high school, I wanted to study a STEM field in college. I went to Villanova University and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and later from the University of Phoenix with an MBA. For years, I worked as an engineer and, then, manager at Honeywell. Although the hours were long and the workload was demanding, I loved my job and found it very rewarding, but with three little ones at home at the time. Read more>>

Francisco Monarrez

I grew up in Glendale, Arizona with my parents and sisters. I’m the oldest of the bunch. I went to school here until I was able to transfer from GCC to ASU back in 2016. I went to ASU to study film and graduated with my BA back in late 2018. Before I got into film, I was using dance as my creative outlet. It was a great way to meet people, be creative, and have fun without talking much. I loved it. Read more>>

Becca Farmer

I’ve been an artist since I was a child. The daughter of an Air Force pilot, I grew up in Europe and was influenced by a culture rich in art. In college, I studied design and composition under Chris Magadini, internationally acclaimed illustrator. For many years I enjoyed a career as a graphic artist. I focus on acrylic painting with a macro perspective and modern realism style. Read more>>

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