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Inspiring Conversations with Brandy Lawson of FieryFX

Today we’d like to introduce you to Brandy Lawson.

Hi Brandy, thanks for sharing your story with us. To start, maybe you can tell our readers some of your backstories.
My business started unintentionally. One day, I got a call from someone I previously worked with asking me to help him with his website. He had no idea that a week earlier I had been walked out of my job and was currently looking for employment. I thought, sure, I’ll help him while I’m job hunting, make some money, and stay busy.

The job hunt could be generously described as a comedy of errors. As I looked for a job, I kept adding more clients, all while believing that was just a temporary thing. When the job search culminated with turning down a job with Microsoft, I realized I was running a business, and evidently, it was what I was supposed to be doing.

Ten years later, through many iterations, discoveries, learnings, unlearning, re-learnings, a few identity crises, and rebranding, I have come to terms with the fact that we are never done “becoming.” In the beginning, I thought I would never work with anyone else, I would just be a one-woman show. Then I realized I can’t possibly do it all on my own, and didn’t want to, so I definitely needed other people, but finding my way of doing it took a while.

I’m fond of saying that business ownership is the personal development program no one requested. Creating and growing this company has required me to learn to ask better questions, become much more in touch with who I am as a person and what I want, and discover my values so I can connect with other people that share my values and communities that help me navigate this adventure.

Can you talk to us a bit about the challenges and lessons you’ve learned along the way? Looking back would you say it’s been easy or smooth in retrospect?
Oh my, I would really love to talk to anyone who answers this by telling you it’s been a smooth road. For me, even when the road is smooth there are lots of hills to climb up and then race down again (hope the brakes work), unexpected curves, and road construction on this unpredictable path to somewhere you think you are going. And then at times, the road is just simply bumpy and you have to figure out a way to upgrade your suspension.

One of the biggest struggles I had was coming to terms with how to grow a company. I had zero desire to grow a company like the corporations I had worked in, so it took me a long time to even begin to try to build a team. I didn’t have any other reference models of how to scale a company without hierarchy and I wasn’t prepared to invent a new model from scratch.

Fortunately, life is full of happy coincidences, and the people I ended up working with showed me the types of commonalities that revealed to me how I could build a team my way. We’ve also expanded our capabilities and capacities largely through strategic partners. I like to refer to this as the “Avengers” model of agency.

Another serious struggle for me was learning to ask for help. As the oldest child and an “achiever,” part of my identity is doing things for myself. Also, part of my hesitation in asking was that I didn’t want to do it wrong (and there are definitely ways to ask incorrectly), but I also didn’t allow myself the freedom to suck at asking so I could get better.

As a result, I didn’t get a lot of things that I needed because I didn’t ask for them. Or I didn’t ask questions, because I was sometimes too afraid to know the answers, and sometimes too afraid to admit I didn’t know. Failing to ask meant that I learned a lot of things the hard way. Too many things.

And while there is sometimes value in learning things the hard way, at other times, there’s really no need to learn things the hard way when you could simply ask the question and get someone else’s experience or expertise or insights. A good ask is a shortcut and I passed that up far too often early in my business.

We’ve been impressed with FieryFX, but for folks who might not be as familiar, what can you share with them about what you do and what sets you apart from others?
FieryFX is a boutique marketing operations agency. We help growth-oriented businesses and scrappy marketing teams harness websites, analytics, smart business & technology to expand their reach and impact by working better, faster, and smarter.

Using our proprietary framework, companies first get clear on what success looks like. Then we use, remodel or reinvent their existing processes, technology and systems to set them on the path to achieving success. Getting value from technology is 30% the tech, and 70% how it is used.

We don’t believe in business as usual. Instead, we help you ignite the value of your…

Time – Make the right decision easier and faster. Know for a fact that all the effort you’re expending is building momentum in the right direction. How? It all starts with a plan.

Effort – No business can survive without delegating. Automation is exponential delegation. Focus on the places in your business where you add the maximum value and let the robots help you do the rest.

Impact – Make sure that what you are doing with your technology is converting into a real business.

We offer a no-bs approach to our work, helping our clients prioritize and take action. Our work is results-focused, which is why we don’t ever ask our clients if they “like” something because that isn’t an evaluation that gets business results.

The services we provide are:


Brand & Design
Development (WordPress and other platforms)
Search Engine Optimization/Marketing
Assessments & Consulting


Systems Review & Tuneups
½ & Full Day Intensives
Assessments & Consulting


Define & implement metrics
Google Analytics
Google Tag Manager
Operationalize data for better decision making


Platform selection
Maximizing the use of existing tech
Email system change/migration
Assessments & Consulting

What was your favorite childhood memory?
One of my favorite childhood memories is a Christmas when we were all together at my grandparent’s house with my cousins. One of my cousins is about my age and we both got Daisy Duke Underoos and plastic high heels that had lights on the heels.

I remember feeling sheer delight when unwrapping them. My cousin and I paraded around in our high heels for the rest of the time we were together. This may have been the start of my obsession with ridiculous shoes.

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