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Hidden Gems: Meet Malcolm Alston of The Phoenix Club

Today we’d like to introduce you to Malcolm Alston. 

Hi Malcolm, we’d love for you to start by introducing yourself
My story started in 2011 when I was a pre-initiate into my fraternity named Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity, incorporated. I joined the org because I liked what they were about. They stood for brotherhood and helping the community, etc. but as I joined, I saw that I held a passion for something more specific that they didn’t all seem to hold. I stayed a passionate worker inside of my organization from the very beginning in 2011 when I was a pre-initiate, to when I crossed and became an official member in 2012, all the way up until I graduated in the winter of 2015. Once I graduated from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania where my chapter is located, decided to move on from my fraternity and do my own thing. I wasn’t sure what “doing my own thing” was for a few years, but I knew that it was something different from what I was experiencing inside of my fraternity. It took me approximately 3 years from 2015 to 2018 to discover what “doing my own thing” looked like… during those 3 years a did a lot of thinking that helped me define what “doing my own thing” looked like, and through those 3 years I created The Phoenix Club, Inc. on December 15th, 2018. I realized that “doing my own thing” was “helping the community in any way possible” which is our slogan, and I created an organization that was formed around this slogan. My fraternity was not as specific when it came to this slogan, so I decided to brand off and focus on this objective myself, forming an organization around it. 

Would you say it’s been a smooth road, and if not, what are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced along the way?
It has been anything but a smooth ride. I have bumped heads with a lot of friends and family, lost friends and loved ones who have decided not to support me any longer after they’ve seen the path that I’ve chosen for my life, but I just felt as if I had to do this. I saw the vision for this organization and I knew what it could be for so many people, so I felt as if I had to push through the opposition to make this dream a reality for the world. I was determined to push through the opposition even if majority of the opposition seemed to be coming from the people that I loved the most. My biggest struggle has seemingly been having to move forward with this dream with a lack of support from your usual base of supporters, your immediate family. That made things hard when things got rough (financially etc) but you find a way when you feel as if you have a dream that needs to be accomplished 

Thanks – so what else should our readers know about The Phoenix Club, Inc.?
The Phoenix Club, Inc. is a 501c (4) Non-Profit Organization that has been created exclusively for the promotion of social welfare causes. Our organization’s mission statement is “Helping the Community in Any Way Possible”. We have seven core focus points that we strive to accomplish as an organization as well. These focus points are: 

1. To provide classes in entrepreneurship 

2. To provide classes in financial literacy 

3. To provide classes in real estate 

4. To provide programs in youth mentorship 

5. To provide programs in community service 

6. To host events geared towards networking

7. To host events in career placement

We are known for being a conglomerate of business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs or millionaires that have a passion for giving back to their communities and “sending the ladder back down” to the communities that we came from so they can be offered a way up to the “top” as well. What sets us apart from others is there has never been an organization like this created from my recollection, that brings together so many different groups of people from so many different backgrounds and industries that give the sole purpose of sharing their resources with others and helping others in their communities reach the statuses that they have reached. What I am most proud of brand-wise is the quality of people that the organization is attracting. Every person that has decided that they would like to attempt to be a part of this organization has been a very hard worker and has a zeal for assisting their community in any way that they feel like they are able to help. They see the vision and just want to be a part of doing their part to contribute to lifting their community up. What I would like our audience to know about our brand is that we would like to be looked at as the community leaders that you can call on for whatever you may need in your community, whether it be youth mentors, community leaders, to scholarship and grant givers, to just a common helping hand, we want to be the first people that come to your mind when you think of reaching out for a helping hand. We want to be the foundation that you rely on to build something new in your live. We want to be that trusted foundation that is unshakable that you can easily build off of and continue to grow in your respective lives 

Is there any advice you’d like to share with our readers who might just be starting out?
Don’t quit. Persistence is key. All you have to do to see your dreams come true is keep going at them day by day. Just keep trying to push forward day by day and you will eventually come to the day that your dreams are realized. Life will assist you in building your dream world and reality. You just need to never give up in the face of adversity. Just keep pushing and stay persistent with your daily goals each day until one day you wake up and realize that all of your dreams have been fulfilled. 

One thing that I wish that I knew when I first started out was hard it was going to be (LOL). I may have been a bit naive when I first started this, but one key thing that I wish I knew when I first started was how everything was going to be okay once I looked back and saw how everything worked out for the best. I wish that I got to see a glimpse into the future to see that everything that I was worried about was for nothing and that everything was going to be ok so I could focus on enjoying the day more. 

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