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Glendale 11.9.2017

Lawrence Robinson

I have 40 years of training, competing, and instructing for an experience that is unique. My passion is for development, growth, and improvement in others. My approach to teaching the art of self-defense along with my true desire to know and understand my students allows me to work well beyond any age group, and any physical, emotional, or mental deficiency. Read more>>

Claire La Shomb

Mother of two, divorced 13 years, native of Arizona. Hands in Motion Massage is part of a result of me finding myself (midlife discovery) again and what I was really made of after being married for 16 years. It’s a result of stepping out of my comfort zone and creating a life where I call the shots and live it my way vs getting up and going to the same job every day for the security of a paycheck. Read more>>

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