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Glendale 01.04.2018

Mark Corby

I have a degree in business with an emphasis in hotel and restaurant management. Who knew I would end up using that knowledge to run a fastener company! After some years managing restaurants and directing management training programs, I left the hospitality industry to help my father-in-law start his own fastener company. Read more>>

April Russell

I went to cosmetology school in 2004 in Jacksonville, North Carolina. Things are alot different there as far as beauty school goes because instead of schools exclusively designed for Hair & Makeup etc, everything is based out of a community college. After being in the industry, I feel like this was a positive thing for me because I was forced to take business classes as well as the regular classes associated with a cosmetology license. Read more>>

Veerachart Murphy

Purchased a .22lr pistol for my wife for her birthday day over 5 years ago, Couldn’t find any ammo because of the hoarding, shortage, and over charging at the time. Research what I could do about it. High demand and minimal product availability equals opportunity in any business. Read more>>

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