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Gilbert’s Rising Stars

The heart of our mission at VoyagePhoenix is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Greater Phoenix area’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out inspiring stories from Gilbert and surrounding areas below.

Jared Naumann

During a visit to Spain, my wife and I tried out the Churros there and fell in love, especially the hot chocolate they dip them in, The Churros sparked an interest in us and decided to do a bit of research of their origin. Come to find out the Churro legend says they were the invention of Nomadic Spanish Shepherds tending after the “Churra” sheep in the Iberian peninsula. Read more>>

Kylee Austin

I started my fitness journey six years ago after battling with depression, anxiety, and inflammatory diseases. Health and wellness became my life’s passion soon after. My husband was in the Air Force and becoming a fitness professional fit well with our mobile lifestyle, living in Japan and being moved every two years. Read more>>

Nylmar Martinez

I love being able to use the analytical and creative sides of my brain. During the day, I am a Guidance Navigation and Control Engineering Manager. I am responsible for overseeing the development of launch vehicle simulations and providing technical assistance and mentoring to a group of over 15 engineers. Read more>>

Tanika Belis

I have been working as a federal government contractor for over 15 years but really wanted to get back into hair and makeup, so I worked with a trainer to bring me up to speed on the many changes in cosmetology over the years to refamiliarize myself. I was shocked at the lack of diversity in luxury salon choices here in our beautiful new home state, so I had to bring my east coast roots with me out west. We specialize in soft, healthy hair using vegan products locally sourced as well as awesome products from Paris & Spain. Read more>>

Kristen Carter and Melanie Nemetz

Both Melanie & Kristen began their careers in different, yet service-based industries. Melanie worked for Southwest Air, traveling and learning culture from one of the top-ranked customer-friendly companies. Then, she moved to the Real Estate industry over a decade ago and began working as a sales consultant for TW Lewis, a top builder in the Phoenix area. Read more>>

Christopher Hudson

Benny Blanco Tortillas was started a little over five years ago by Chef Ben Ramirez. It grew from a Farmer’s Market stand a couple of times a month, to supplying restaurants around the valley while still selling the freshest tortillas imaginable every Saturday at the Gilbert Farmer’s Market. Read more>>

Seanloui Dumas

After the closing of my nonprofit, I came to Arizona homeless. Sleeping on the couch of a local band that I just did merch for. They saw me play bass with a random guy at a bar in Austin and asked me to actually me to join them as a second guitar player. Cause of course if I play bass very well, I can play guitar right? 🙂 I toured with the band for four years across the U.S. Read more>>

Lisa Guice

My journey started in my teenage years. I was in search of happiness and looking in all the wrong places and people to find it. The desire to heal was so strong that I enrolled in multiple transpersonal psychology classes throughout the years to gain an understanding of what I was feeling. However, it wasn’t until my young adulthood that I grew a true understanding of how important it was to deal with your emotions. Read more>>

Amanda and Josh Porter

Our business is formally known as Dream Arizona which featured different styles or dream catchers and doormats. Amanda started the small business to help make some extra money on the side to help pay for her and Josh’s wedding. She always would visit Arizona when she was little and fell in love with dream catchers. Always having a passion for creating and completing different DIY projects she thought it was time that she created some to share with others. Read more>>

Patricia Pastrano

Photography has always been around me since I was a child. My grandmother was a photographer, and I even was a photographer for our high school paper and yearbook. After high school and college, I got away from photography and pursued my career as a corporate financial accounting analyst and started a family. About four years ago, I was asked to be a part of an overseas project. Read more>>

Audrey Neal and Alexa Benson

We met about three years ago through a mutual friend at church. We are both pediatric occupational therapists, and our friend thought we should meet. Since we were both busy with work at the time, we didn’t really get to know each other until after our children were born and we started meeting up for weekly play dates. That is when we discovered our mutual love for baking. Alexa had started a small, in-home bakery a few years ago, but she didn’t have much time to fulfill her passion on her own. Read more>>


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