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Gilbert 12.14.2017

Jessica Hudson

As many high schoolers (and adults) may agree, deciding what you want to be when you grow up is a difficult task. I was one of those 18-year-olds who couldn’t really choose one path. Consequently, I decided to try out business school. Once I completed my degree in business management, I set out to start my first business called Perfectly Organized, LLC. Read more>>

Liezl Apante

I was pregnant with my 3rd child and found myself ill with the flu. The rest of my family were also sick with the flu. After about a week, I realized that what I had was much more than just your run of the mill viral infection. I became very ill with all over body swelling. Read more>>

Seth Neumann

I got started in business ten years ago. My first introduction into business management was when I became a retail store manager for Leslie’s pool supplies. The nature of their store setup requires that managers drive the stores business as if it were their own, and I discovered my love for business immediately. Read more>>

Matt Friedland

Although I had a strong interest in music throughout grade school, I hadn’t begun learning a musical instrument until after graduating high school. I was attending college in Northern Pennsylvania as an education major but found a passion for music instead. At 18, I began singing cover songs with a friend who played guitar. Read more>>

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