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Gilbert 11.17.2017

Mahshid Asrari

With a clear vision of how I wanted to practice endodontics, I moved from Wisconsin to Arizona. Dental pain can be excruciating, disrupting every aspect of one’s life. As an endodontist, I get to relieve that dental pain and allow patients to get back to what’s important in their lives. My philosophy is simple; provide root canals of distinctive quality with unsurpassed comfort. Read more>>

Jon Kopp

I was working at Intel and My buddy called me and said I just closed on my new house. Can you come over and help me paint my garage floor. So I did and after we were done I said this looks really nice. I know we did it wrong and should not be using paint but lets start a floor coati g business. My friend said ok and that afternoon I started my home made flyiers and went door to door. Read more>>

Sheila Pepka

It was almost 10 years ago when my sister in law approached me with her idea to start a preschool in Gilbert At that time, we were both running in home daycares. I lived in Prescott but was so intrigued by her plan of offering an accelerated preschool with such a unique curriculum, that I set aside the fact that I would be commuting 5 hours a day. At first, my responsibilities included only the accounting end of the company. I did that for our first 4 years. Read more>>

Carol May

We had our start over 35 years ago. When our founder, James May, first tasted the little stevia leaf shared with him by a Peace Corps worker just returned from his assignment in Paraguay, where stevia is indigenous. Thirty times sweeter than sugar in leaf form, stevia becomes 250 to 350 times sweeter than sugar when processed. Read more>>

Lesley Whatcott

It started in 2009. I was presented with the challenge of planning and executing a wedding in less then 10 days. I had always loved the thrill of taking on new challenges. The event went so smoothly, that by the end of the night I looked to the other servers and said; “I guess my New Years resolution is to open my own business!” Word of mouth spread fast, and the calls started pouring in. Read more>>

Grant Botma

The average American graduates from high school or college knowing next to nothing about personal finances. Most are lucky if they even know how to balance a check book. As a result, the typical person is clueless or intimidated by mortgages, insurance, financial planning, investing, and budgeting. This is a sad reality. As life progresses, we find ourselves looking to buy a house, weighing different insurance policies, and trying to keep our finances in order. Read more>>

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