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Gilbert 02.01.2018

Jen Driesbach

I started in this industry ten years ago with a background in musical education, fine art and administrative assistance. If you told me ten years ago I would be where I am now I more-than-likely would have been surprised and laughed out loud. I started this career ten years ago armed with a dream and determination and if I’m being honest, the latter has served me more times than the first. Read more>>

Tricia Arce

It started with a contest at my employment where we would have monthly baking contest that consisted of a secret ingredient. The month of Feb the secret ingredient was marshmallows where we had to incorporate marshmallows into a dessert. I myself have never liked marshmallows so I wanted to know how to make a marshmallow and researched it online. Read more>>

Shantae Pelt

My company was literally inspired by my oldest daughter Mikayla. At the time she was about 3 years old and we were on a shopping trip at the mall. She stumbled upon a tshirt to which she exlaimed “Look Mommy that’s me” ! The tee was a picture of a brown skinned black girl with two bun ponytails, a smile and rosey cheeks. Read more>>

Ann Ossanna

Our family moved west from upstate New York and opened a medical practice in Queen Creek. Patients were asking about aesthetic services such as laser hair removal, microderms, etc. After a lot of due diligence to find a place to refer them to we decided to do it ourselves as we envisioned: a place anyone can go and feel comfortable, get accurate info and get treatment and products in a medically supervised environment that are safe and results oriented. Read more>>

Sophie Dorsten

I’ve been singing ever since I could talk – but that’s what they all say I guess. I have been performing around the Valley since I was 9. It started with vocal lessons at a place called Garage Rock Academy where they teach you an instrument and place you in a band – well my brothers and I started a band – my older brother was on guitar and my youngest brother was on drums. Read more>>

Connie Dulay Alfonso

During my elementary school years, I have developed a love for baking. It all began when my father gave me this cheesecake recipe, asking if I would be able to bake this. That is when I realized, I had fun with baking and started to enjoy it. Read more>>

Taj Maxedon

Always an Artist, I spent 25 years in the medical field. I love human service. Initially, my friends & family wanted me to finishing my nursing degree or move up at job I had at the time. I couldn’t see doing that. I felt it was time to take my stripes & move on. Read more>>

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