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Today we’d like to introduce you to Dare Rogers.

Hi Dare, thanks for sharing your story with us. To start, maybe you can tell our readers some of your backstory.
I started off doing interior design as a small hobby in my room back in elementary school, I grew up in a small town in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois by the name of Bolingbrook – I spent all of my years of school mainly attending schools that were only in my area so I saw a lot of the same faces and friends which wasn’t always pleasant.

I first was into fashion, and makeup while transitioning through high school, the only reason I enjoyed school at times was being able to show off my outfits and express my individuality through creating my own clothing pieces – it was like my own personal fashion show, except the bell would sometimes interfere with my runaway walk and unfortunately fashion wasn’t enough to get good grades. I remember at the time I wasn’t so much focused on Interior design anymore – then slowly realized upon graduating that design is my true passion and what I can see myself doing the rest of my life.

I would always be inspired by how my mom would make our home so beautiful with different arrangements of furniture pieces and use of colors – not to mention the spectacular use of decor for each holiday season, (Christmas is my fav). . I always remember being excited to move into a home because for me I saw it as a fresh canvas for creativity – I began sometimes helping my mom design our home and then moved into doing my own DIY’s in my room, I remember first using shopping bags, and my favorite clothing pieces such as hanging jerseys and hats on the walls to even creating my own curtains out of bed sheets and learning different ways to make a bed feel / look comfortable by using an overwhelming amount of different throw pillows and blankets ( I was a loner so it sometimes made me feel more comfortable).

At first, I was a little embarrassed to be passionate about designing because I felt as though others would say it’s boring, or judge me based off me wanting to design instead being interested in just fashion & makeup so I always hid that part of me from everyone else. After, having a few sleepovers with close friends I would always realize they would compliment my room and how comfortable they feel, which really boosted my confidence in becoming a interior designer. I finally realized upon moving into different houses with my family and designing each of my rooms with a different aesthetic that design is what I truly wanted to do.

I was so passionate about design that the last house we moved in before I decided to move out on my own – I felt like it was the right time to create a interior design business starting on Instagram by the name of DAREAESTHETICS. I felt confident with sharing my creativity with the world, through social media and helping people design their space, while also connecting with other creatives who share the same passion.

I started by posting different shots and angle’s of my room I would redesign and take pics of with my old iPhone 6s Plus at the time – I then would either have my friend record me doing diy’s or record myself creating different art and ways to transform a space a budget friendly luxury look. I remember the goal of mine was to make my Instagram my portfolio and use my room to create different looks and aesthetics to showcase to potential clientele / brands – I was nervous because I was self taught and the only experience I had was redoing my space and helping some of my family redo their spaces as well.

I didn’t let that stop me though, I eventually became better at designing by watching tons of informational Interior design YouTube videos, research, and making a lot of trial and error in my own space before learning to use the right tools, materials, and techniques to prevent heavier objects from falling. I needed to make sure my space was both functional and aesthetically pleasing before taking on real clientele to avoid making the same mistakes in their homes.

I finally mustered up a lot of confidence after redoing my space so many different times and with the experience I had that I was ready to branch out on my own and have a fresh start to design a entire apartment of my own outside of just my room – I finally would be able to redesign my own bathroom, living space and kitchen! I decided to move to Downtown Phoenix in a high rise since it’s always been a dream of mine – I now live in a very comfortable furnished studio with modernized touches, city skyline views – plus the weather is unbeatable compared to harsh Chicago winters.

I am now working a full time job to support my living while continuing to chase my passion and design my new space in so many exciting different ways while embarking on my design journey. In conclusion, my ultimate goal is to continue to expand and grow my business on social media so I can eventually become a full time interior design influencer getting paid to inspire others like me, transform spaces, make people happy, and earn a living off doing what gives my soul peace & happiness!

Would you say it’s been a smooth road, and if not what are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced along the way?
It definitely has been a lot of hard work, silent cries, and perseverance to keep going – most of the struggles I faced were comparison, self doubt, and often times feeling like my work wasn’t good enough. I remember always thinking I had to have a certain look in order to be noticed, or I had to do it the way I saw other interior design influencers doing it. I felt alone, and as though I didn’t have a strong support system.

I noticed I lost followers after posting a picture of myself – which made me feel really insecure and that people only wanted to see my work and not me or that people were disappointed to see that I was not what they expected me to look like, and at the time I had a modern farmhouse aesthetic – which some would have believed to be tailored toward a certain “look”. I never been one to follow the judgemental standards of society, and just saw my passion as doing what I love and a representation of who I am, without fitting into a specific look.

I would sometimes struggle to be consistent with content and often challenged myself on coming up with bigger and better ideas, I would push myself and be up late nights and early mornings, sometimes forgetting to eat because I was so focused on redesigning my space into a new look to take pics and post. I put a lot of pressure on myself to be consistent and often times experienced burnout and long periods of not posting and working tirelessly to earn income to fuel my passion. I remember at times I wouldn’t have any money and I would just use what I had to create a new look in my space each time, which really set me apart from a lot of other interior design influencers who would have money to spend on expensive decor to make their space look aesthetically pleasing. I started to use this as my advantage instead of thinking of it as a setback.

Thanks for sharing that. So, maybe next you can tell us a bit more about your work?
A lot of people know me as a self taught interior designer but I also do a lot of Instagram promos for fashion influencing. I have 3 Instagram accounts – DAREAESTHETICS in which I use for specifically interior design, DARESTYLEZ -which I use for all things style and fashion and lastly DAREYEUSS which I use as a combination of both fashion and design. I’ve always loved fashion as well, and if you were to ask anyone about me they would say I have a passion for interior design with a great fashion sense! I feel as though what sets me apart from others is I utilize my creative abilities to make something out of nothing when it comes to both fashion and interior design.

I believe there’s no wrong way to be creative, even if you don’t have everything you need – it’s all about using what you have until you can get what you want! I am currently working a full time job as a customer service representative, while using my free time to work on a lot of creative content to become a full time paid Interior Designer / influencer.

What do you like and dislike about the city?
I believe what I love best about Phoenix, Arizona is of course the great weather year round but also the scenery – there is so much beauty here, and many places to see and it can be very peaceful. I look forward to the amazing golden hour sunsets that shine over the mountains and I gaze in awe of how beautiful it is here.

Now, what I like least about Arizona is of course the very hot summer days – I’m use to cold weather coming from Chicago so I was looking forward to summer here, but I’ve since learned it can be quite unbearable at times!


  • My prices for interior design services range from $500 – $1000 depending on how big the space is and what needs to be done.
  • Included in the prices are •personalize concept board with images of items assorted to give you a visual image of how your space will look • itemized list attached to board with links to purchase items directly. • personalized shopping experience • full detailed walkthrough of potential ideas for your space

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