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Daily Inspiration: Meet Ivey Higuera

Today we’d like to introduce you to Ivey Higuera.

Hi Ivey, can you start by introducing yourself? We’d love to learn more about how you got to where you are today.
My story on Earth began in Mexico, where I was born. My mother and I started our life journey by leaving Baja, California, and headed to Sonora when I was just months old, and she was 17. We eventually made it to the US a few years later in Tucson, Arizona, where some of our family resided. My mom married my stepdad one year after that, and we became a family. Not knowing my biological father then, he became my fatherly figure. Growing up, I was an only child, lived with different family members, and moved around a lot. I had a structured foundation up until I turned 15 years old. On October 11th, 2011, my mother was legal “voluntarily” forced to leave this country for not being a US Citizen. My world turned upside down immediately! Divorcing my dad and all three of us living away from one another in the same year truly shook my mind and spirit. Growing up, I was raised, as many would state, very strict and religiously. I was controlled from what I wore to being forced to go to church. Then, all of a sudden, floating in space with no direction. Being restricted for so long, I felt a sense of uncontrollable freedom—a bursting mixture of rebellion, ambition, and uncertainty all in one.

Knowing I’ve always wanted more than my circumstances, I started exploring my youth and spirituality. I continued to pray and search for answers as I roamed the planes of existence and adventured around the globe. I turned 19 years old when I made it to Cabo, San Lucas, for ten days. There, I experienced a true spiritual awakening where I spent time in a temple and found some superpowers within my soul. Still wanting to expand and grow exponentially, I moved to LA a couple of months after.

LA was and always will be what the millennials call a “movie.” Everything felt so big, dreamy, raw, and scary upon arrival. I was being 19, naive, vulnerable, and adaptable. I was ready for what was coming my way, or at least I thought I was. I started dating a LA native man who happened to be fun, wealthy, powerful, and abusive. He showed me all the flashing lights and celebrities and unveiled the black curtain behind it. He used top-tier experiences to mask our reality. During this time, I felt so wildly free yet so encaged by the expectations of another human mistreating me physically and mentally. Eventually, I started planning my escape route, which of course, (if you know abuse/abusers) cost me blood, sweat, tears, scars, and trauma.

I spent three years in LA, where I worked many jobs, met some of my lifelong best friends, created some of my most memorable moments, and gained a lot of experience and life knowledge. I did TV work, lifestyle modeling, executive assistance, fashion direction, retail, you name it! I’ve always admired my hunger to learn and my adaptiveness to those and what is around me. Still, with all the loud noise, I wanted to find my purpose and peace. I experienced homelessness for some time, where friends held me and loved me through the darkness. I am forever grateful to them and the moments that humbled me to understand myself more deeply.

Neurologically speaking, I was never the same. I returned to Tucson, AZ, for a reset and a potential love story. Someone who I’d been friends with for years and who wanted to start a serious relationship with me. I gave it a chance to configure that I had started a domino effect in my monogamous relationships. Another chapter of abuse that almost cost me my life. I got a blow to the head by a slam to a brick window pane that split my skull open. I drove myself to the ER and got 8 staples that night. I never told anyone until about 5 months after I was officially safe and out of that situation.

Within all this trauma, I would find comfort in myself, God, and the spirits/angels that would send me messages, guidance, and strength. All this turmoil and chaos made me grow smarter, stronger, and more graceful. I always understood life wasn’t only about me but that I impacted it immensely. During COVID, I started learning to make aromatherapy candles for myself as I was already obsessed with holistic practice. I love reading, writing, and making intentional rituals that raise my existential vibrational frequency. Jokingly, after making a few small candles, I posted my Instagram story and asked, “who wants one?” People immediately started asking me, “how much?” Then and there, I had my GLIVYN epiphany. Intentional, holistic products/events for those in need and search for spiritual guidance. I’ve always been a hustler, a go-getter, and a great student. This idea, though, was mine and hit differently. I could curate it to my liking and implement whatever I wanted to help others however pleased. GLIVYN: the art of giving and living was born on the pure idea of reciprocating all the blessings that had been shared with me throughout my trials in life. I wanted to create a safe space for those searching to go deeper within their spirits, needing peace and a positive shift. GLIVYN is a brand and a lifestyle I embody and work on daily.

Alright, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall, and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
I am very grateful and happy to say I have overcome every obstacle that comes my way. The road has not been the smoothest, but it has unleashed many angles of me I didn’t know I had inside. Some struggles, as I mentioned, included: physical/mental/emotional abuse, homelessness, little to no money, no structure, substance abuse, and heavy alcohol consumption.

Appreciate you sharing that. What else should we know about what you do?
I, Ivey, do event coordination, project management, creative direction, and promotional marketing on the business side; GLIVYN has also been a part of the community, working with Creative Collabs and Goodwill on such things as back-to-school summer backpack drives. We are also showcased in Tucson at &Gallery on 4th Avenue, implementing products and social gatherings that bring great people together for the betterment and the sake of art. Fashion shows, local markets, and collective art shows are also included in the GLIVYN repertoire. Our next event is a Tea party fashion show with all women-owned brands and vendors! Stay tuned for this exciting event in which all courses 21+ years are welcome to join the party!

Before we let you go, we’ve got to ask if you have any advice for those just starting.
My advice to anyone and everyone starting from the bottom up is: Believe In Yourself! Anything that does not align with your dreams let go of. That includes friends, trauma, vices, unsolicited advice, family members, and negative thoughts. It will not be easy, but it will be fulfilling and worth it. Blessings

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