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Community Highlights: Meet Tracy Ann Battaglia of Finding Joy Consulting

Today we’d like to introduce you to Tracy Ann Battaglia.

Alright, so thank you so much for sharing your story and insight with our readers. To kick things off, can you tell us a bit about how you got started?
Finding Joy Consulting has long been in the works but has only recently become its own brand and company.

My story begins in 2006 when I started my first business as a freelance photographer fresh out of art school. I built this business over the course of several years while also working full-time as a small coffee shop manager. I started to become known as an entrepreneur/business owner in my circle – and at the time not many people were living this lifestyle in my very small midwestern town. So naturally, I started to get asked lots of questions like “ how do I start a small business?” or “Listen!

I have this idea how do I make it a reality?” So over the course of a few years, I just started freelance coaching/consulting any question that came my way- I remember sitting down in coffee shops I use to manage and having encouraging and practical conversations with friends and even acquaintances. I would try to give them my experience and tips/tricks and even very simple “how to do” lists to get going.

Then as I kept getting asked many of the same questions… I started to write down all my advice. Over the course of the next few years, I had actually written and built my “Launch” course base. This course is simply that- A very practical hands, in person, how to start a small business class essentially. Call it a -small business crash course.

This course was on the back burner as the photography business was incredibly successful- even after my move across the country from small-town Illinois to big city phoenix. The offering stayed small because as a wife, mother and full-time photographer recently moved and starting over again-I found myself super busy without much thought on the coaching business.

However naturally as I grew my circle people started asking me questions again about small business ownership… however now I charged a small fee to walk them through the organized course. Now let’s flash forward to March of 2020 the onslaught of Covid and a worldwide pandemic! To say my photography bookings dropped like flys is NO joke. I had my first ever month without work in over a decade.

So I got fired up I’ve never been the kind to let things take me down easy.

I started to see SO many people losing their jobs, desperate for work & freedom, and deciding it was now or never on that dream that had been sitting on their back shelf for years. People needed help. They needed my help. I mean goodness I was approaching 15 years deep into solopreneurship. I knew I had a lot to offer.

They needed to know how to start their business and they needed actionable how-to steps NOW. They needed income, they needed freedom and I knew I could help them get there. I could get them there with my organized one-stop-shop of branding and small business. I could offer them structure, actionable steps to take, resources, how-to systems, processes, and even better my design skills- so I offered to help build their websites, logos, and content creation with photography and even some micro videography!

So during the heart of the pandemic, I officially created a new brand name and turned this “Launch ” course into an actual offering on its own platform. I took my Fully Alive Photography tagline “Fully Alive Finding Joy” and turned it into a single offering company. Finding Joy Consulting was officially founded!

At the time, I was just offering the Launch course via zoom, and the photography course I had been offering at the Desert Botanical Garden, and then a client asked for an iPhone photography course too actually (which I built and delivered in under a week and served close to 30 clients within a few months).

I started talking about myself as more than an artist, more than a photographer but rather a voice and an expert in the small business and branding world. I started actually letting people know I could help them Launch, Grow or Elevate their brand. It was the best decision I ever made. Because within a month I was suddenly offered one-on-one custom consulting and coaching, teaching the Launch course, and then being asked to also build their websites. And the last 2 years are history!

I am usually on a 2-3 month waitlist for photography and my branding, websites, and other offerings. I’ve found a way to combine both of my businesses into a full brand experience for my clients. Most of my clients start with my Launch Course, schedule a photoshoot, have me build their website, and coach and consult them throughout the whole process. Any gaps in their knowledge or brand- I help fill.

I am empowering people to live the life of their dreams and find joy along the journey.

I am so proud of myself for not letting the pandemic take me down but firing me up and helping so many people find the life of their dreams! So friends, if you are hoping to start a business with an idea/dream you’ve had on the back-burner… but totally lost in the process, if you are years in but need an outsiders perspective maybe you need some better systems, processes, workflows, and are hitting bottlenecks if you neck-deep and ready to elevate or rebrand.

I am here for you!

Would you say it’s been a smooth road, and if not what are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced along the way?
What road is ever smooth? Who wants a smooth road anyway?

Like any other human we fail, we make mistakes, and we learn. I learn something new with every client. Thankfully it was much smoother than starting my first business because I had already made most of the mistakes over the last 15 years. haha. I’m sure there are more ahead and I’m ready to fail forward, learn & grow!

I would say the biggest struggle as a consulting, branding, and design agency is customizing packages for my client’s needs and not overworking without pay. It’s hard to know how much work each client really needs until we start digging into their business, processes, and brand. I am learning as I go that people usually need more than they think.

Most of my clients really do need my coaching, perspective, and option and not just a website or a photoshoot. It’s a good thing I have that and more to offer! I have worked on my packages as I go and I’m sure I’ll have the hang of it in no time.

Thanks – so what else should our readers know about Finding Joy Consulting?
Finding Joy Consulting is a small business and branding agency built out a need to help people create joy and provide a life-giving experience while launching, growing, or elevating their business or brand.

The overwhelm of starting and even understanding a small business can be a difficult and sometimes almost insurmountable feeling- when you are doing it alone. It’s easy to get lost and confused. So I take out the confusion and infuse it with clarity and fun. I help my clients enjoy the process and feel in control and put life and joy back into their entrepreneurship journey.

I do this with practical offerings like one-on-one coaching and consulting, interactive courses and workshops, website and brand development and this is where Fully Alive Photography comes in I help my clients build their brand, foster audience trust, and show up authentically by creating a personalized lifestyle, product, and branding content through photography. Most of my clients benefit from my Full Experience package where we combine all these things into one amazing offering.

I love the question” what sets you apart from others”

I truly believe “myself” is what sets me apart from others. I’ve spent years working on who I am and allowing myself to be myself. There are a million other companies/businesses/artists/people who may be more experienced or qualified than me. But no-one is Me. I have myself to offer to my clients. My core values of kindness, authenticity, consistency, work ethic, and life-giving joy to share with everyone in my life.

Personally or professionally. I give it my all every single time. I am invested in myself and in my people. My people can count on me. And I think it’s what has made my company “successful”.

What’s next?
My plan is to keep on keeping on! To always love and cherish my clients, meet them where they are, and show great kindness and compassion while infusing joy and life back into their entrepreneurship journey.

I am also slowly adding in other offerings like TikTok & reels creation upgrades, micro videography, and hopefully someday… social media management, marketing, and PR! But right now both companies are just me with a small 1-2 part-time employee team. So alas it’s one thing at a time.


  • Website Tailoring Starting at $3k
  • Website Custom Build Starting at $5k
  • Interactive Courses/Workshops Starting at $1k
  • Custom Consulting Packages Starting at $1k
  • Photography Packages Starting at $1k

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