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Community Highlights: Meet Matthew Oliver of Still Water Alchemy

Today we’d like to introduce you to Matthew Oliver.

Hi Matthew, thanks for sharing your story with us. To start, maybe you can tell our readers some of your backstories.
My name is Matthew Oliver, and I am the founder of Still Water Alchemy. I was born and raised in the prairies of Canada. Naturally, being a child who loved Sailor Moon, theatre, and astrology, I didn’t exactly fit into the typical mold that was revered by my conservative surroundings.

Through classical conditioning, I believed obtaining a career in dentistry would be the best way to make my parents and those around me proud. My family gave high praise to academia, and I was blessed to be gifted with a strong memory and intellect. But, any chance I got, I would say I wanted to live in NYC. I honestly believed that the only way to make any career in acting come true would be to become a dentist first, move to NYC, and then I could pursue my dreams.

I am grateful I didn’t live out that constrained narrative. My educational pursuits took me abroad to Australia, where I studied at the University of Queensland. I pursued higher education in nutrition and psychological patterns in elite athletes. I finished my Master’s in Kinesiology at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. During this time, I was fortunate enough to study alongside and be mentored by Olympians, Sports Medicine Doctors, and Coaches who trained some of the greatest sports teams in the country.

I didn’t truly understand it at the time, but I was receiving a Masterclass on how the Mind, Body, and Soul is always connected. After graduating with top distinctions and honors, I pursued my lifelong dream of acting (much to my parents’ dismay). I was primed and ready to either start a Ph.D. or begin working at full-time jobs that paid $80,000/year. But, none of that held my interest. I had spent 24 years making those around me happy and proud, and I wanted to live life for myself. I spent my time going back and forth between Vancouver and Toronto. Even though I invested a lot into my home in Vancouver, I knew deep-down Toronto was the next step. I went all in and invested the next five years and tens of thousands of dollars training at the top acting studios while cycling through hospitality gigs to accommodate my auditions. In 2019 I had the best hospitality gig of my life – flexible, easy money, and competent management (basically a Unicorn gig in the hospitality realm). At this time, I was also auditioning frequently for network television shows and Netflix films.

In March of 2019, I clearly remember hearing, “you have to give up your serving job.” This came as a shock as I finally felt comfortable and had a side hustle that paid all my bills while allowing me to pursue my dreams. If I gave up this gig, I would have zero income each month. But, I knew better than to doubt my higher self. After a weekend of affirmative signs from the Universe, I quit my job. Three months later, I started a side hustle and named it Still Water Tarot.

Over the next year, I seemingly felt like I was hitting roadblock after roadblock. I would audition three-five times a week and not book a single gig. I was producing great content with Still Water but not attracting clients or the recognition I thought I deserved. However, unbeknown to me during that time, I was building the foundation for the blessings and financial windfall about to flood my life. I rebranded my business, and Still, Water Alchemy was born in December 2019.

At the start of 2020, I thought I would be fully booked with clients now that I had a professional website and momentum building. But alas, by the end of January, I had attracted very few clients – another dead end. I again studied and trained almost every day to ensure my knowledge in astrology and acting craft were sharpening. I put myself out there and partook in any workshop or course that I connected with, as I knew the return on investment would pay off one day. However, by mid-March, I was burnt out and ready to quit, as I was almost completely out of savings to pay my monthly bills. And then the world stopped.

I distinctly remembered talking to a friend who told me, “this will be good for your business; people could sure use some spiritual guidance right now.” He wasn’t wrong. I took the next 10 months and literally worked non-stop. Looking ahead at the intense Mars-Saturn square that would persist for the second half of 2020, I knew we would not soon be out of the woods.

Having that foreknowledge of astrology allowed me to focus on my business completely. Along the way, I could use my gifts to completely turn around my clients’ lives during one of the most laborious and strenuous times in history. To this day, my mission is to aid my clients in whatever way they need with the intention to pass on the knowledge that has the potential to change their life completely. It’s wild to think that I might be a dentist at this very moment in another timeline. It’s funny how the Universe works. When you allow yourself to surrender to your highest good, there is absolutely no way you cannot succeed. It’s impossible – your Soul came into this timeline with a specific purpose. This I believe with my whole heart.

Would you say it’s been a smooth road, and if not, what are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced along the way?
In the beginning, it was highly challenging. Taking a chance on yourself and creating a business where your entire livelihood is uncertain is a lot. Especially doing that during a global pandemic. Every industry and career has its stressors, of course. But I view my business as a child. When you have put blood, sweat, and tears into the business from day one, it makes the relationship different. I always think about it, and I am highly protective of it. It was difficult releasing control and allowing others to help me. However, trusting that the right people wanted to support me made the transition much easier. Now I am so grateful for the team I am building. For example, my assistant, Camille, is a godsend. I am so grateful to have her love and support.

Another challenge that all spiritual creators/channels face is pseudo-spam accounts that copy our names/profiles and send DMs to our followers. They pose as us to scam others out of money. It’s extremely disheartening to see but sad to hear when people fall for these scams. Many are still in a compassionate space after going through a traumatic time with the pandemic. For the past year, I have received hundreds of weekly DMs from followers and friends asking if I have a second account or if my account has been hacked. The answer is always no. If you are reading this, please practice discernment in all areas of life, primarily online. If someone offers you an unsolicited reading and then asks you to send money to a friend/family account via PayPal, they are not a legitimate business.

As you know, we’re big fans of Still Water Alchemy. For our readers who might not be as familiar, what can you tell them about the brand?
Still Water Alchemy is a holistic business focused on alchemizing the Mind, Body, and Soul. I specialize in the spiritual fields of Astrology & Tarot and offer accountability and support through 1-1 Coaching and Mentorship. My Tarot Readings are different as I channel from Source energy and often see colors, animals, symbols, dates, and other messages needing to be relayed as I pull cards. I have been doing monthly Tarotscopes on Instagram for almost three years. When I hold space for individual clients, those channeled messages are much more concise and powerful.

Astrology is a devotion of mine. I know I will study and be in awe of it throughout my life. I currently offer online Workshops that align with the New and Full Moon. I also upload astrological breakdowns of the planetary transits and offer guidance on how the energies may manifest every Monday on our Youtube Channel (@stillwateralchemy). I love hearing testimonials and feedback from clients/followers on how the transits materialized physically, mentally, and spiritually. For some, the manifestations could not be more literal. I am proud of these weekly videos because I believe power comes from knowledge. If we continually cultivate and strengthen our intuition, it is far less likely that we will veer off course from our soul’s purpose.

When I hold space for clients long-term in a Coaching or Mentorship setting, I use both Tarot and Astrology as tools to assist them throughout their journey. I will tell my clients exact dates and even times when auspicious energy is coming their way. This can range from investment opportunities to knowing when to rest and pull back to prepare for the next suitable wave of energy. In my opinion, having an Astrologer on hand that you can text anytime is priceless.

If readers take anything away from this piece, it is that if you wish to do the work, I will be here to assist you. Whether through free offerings through my channels, workshops/webinars, or 1-1 support – I always show up at 100%. I am well aware when I say “Yes” to someone or something that, I am also saying “No” to another opportunity. Thus, I am all in when I say yes to a Client. I will give them my full attention and do whatever I can to help them grow and reach their fullest potential to acquire the dream life they desire.

Do you have any memories from childhood that you can share with us?
Honestly, my favorite childhood memory was watching Sailor Moon with my friends (Sailor Jupiter was, and still is, my favorite). I remember in Grade 1, I had a Sailor Moon notebook, and certain kids would make fun of me for it. I was generally confused why that was something to be made fun of for. Apparently, it was not “acceptable” for a boy to watch Sailor Moon. Whenever I want to connect back in with that younger self, I will throw on old episodes of Sailor Moon. They even came out with a new Sailor Moon movie back in 2021! Those memories continue to be cherished as I progress into my 30s.


  • Natal Chart Readings: $650 CAD/hr
  • Tarot & Soul Guidance Readings: $400-675 CAD/hr
  • Life Coaching: $650 CAD/hr
  • Lunar Workshops: $12.99
  • Seasonal Workshops: $19.99-$29.99

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