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Check Out Eve Malamova’s Story

Today we’d like to introduce you to Eve Malamova.

Hi Eve, please kick things off for us with an introduction to yourself and your story.
I am born and raised in Eastern Europe in a small country named Bulgaria. We border counties like Turkey, Romania and Greece (just a little visual 🙂 Growing up in Europe you see some not necesseraly great standards for how you are “supposed to look” as a growing female. Most women are on the tall side and relatively skinny, that was the trend and the looks sold on tv, comercials and when you simply go out and see what is around. My mom after having two kids gained some weight especially with me – the second one. Naturally she wanted to look the same as before she had kids – 106lb at 5’2 ft tall. We all value our looks, so can’t blame her for wanting to look attractive. As a kid you don’t think of that tho. So at 10years old I decided to pronounce myself “FAT”. In reality I was skin and bones, not exaggerating. A time reached when the school called my parents to ask them “Why are you not feeding this child?” And I was send home…. To be fed!!! I was voluntarily doing this to myself. My family did give me lunch money, but I never spend them for food. My health was very fragile growing up due to that reason. Shortly after the school case I was hospitalized for the entire summer instead of being out playing with my friends. Not much changed after I got out of the hospital for awhile. Then puberty hit and I started eating more, developing womanly shape. I realized that food may not be a bad idea I liked how I started looking. I was still not eating well – my diet was consisting of junk food – chocolate, lots of it, chips and sweets. I have always been active playing sports where diet is super important especially in a growing child. I did not know that and I started getting sick again. Here we are back in the hospital. This time for only 1-2weeks.
Later on after the second hospital event I decided to read about food and stop the pounds of chocolate. But I did not make a good decision …. Again. The new diet was consisting of Only fruits, vegetables and nuts… Why? Beats me, had no idea, but decided to label this “healthy”. “ Iwas still eating better than my classmates eating one pack of crackers for the whole day!” – I thought.
Well wrong! I was in college at the staggering 100lb for a 5’5 girl. Disturbing, I know. At this time it has been an obsession for pretty much my entire life. It was normal for me. Did not know any better. Me And my mom were just the lifetime dieters without even realizing it.
It’s my second year in College. My friends wanted to come to US on a “Work and Travel” program. I did not want to go, but I wanted to make money and be more independent, so tagged along. Everybody here called me “Toothpick”. I liked how I looked. By the end of the summer I was 130lb!!! I worked 16hr days for 5days as week and 2day 8hr shifts for 3months. Had to make the money my dad gave me to come to US after all. And my US co-workers started complimenting me. I wash shocked! How can they like the fat girl I have become!! I hated my body….. In reality I never loved my body, even when I was skinny. It was never “enough” . So went back the next year, after I lost all the weight my first month of being back home, but this time I said “I will workout!” I went to GNC got suplements, was eating salads half the summer and fell of the wagon again. It was not working!
My third year I have won a green card!!! Took my 3suitcases and left Bulgaria. America is now my home since I made that decision. Very grateful to be here till this day!
From Michigan where I spent the summers I moved with a boyfriend of mine to Florida. I started being more and more hooked on the gym life. It was nice! I saw girls with wonderful shapes and even being 115lb now I was the skinny chick! I wanted to look like them!
I met a trainer at my gym who wanted my business and I wanted her expertise. That was back in 2015. She started preparing me for a bikini competition. Had no other goals and wanted to achieve a fitness goal. I did not know she was unhappy with her work and 2months of our work together she quit. I was pretty upsets. Have achieved awesome results. Before she quit she made me buy a Personal training Class, so we can work together. I had no trainer, so decided that I will study to train myself and educate myself a bit. Needed a change from my 4yewr waitressing career. But I forgot to study and went into a pretty dark mental space. After all all I did was work, had no friends and was alone in a differnt country.
I moved from Florida to California in 2018 where I finally took my Personal training Certificate, I was a trainer now and prior to that achieved my dream of being on stage as a Bikini competitor. Had no idea what I signed myself into! The gym and my meal prepping became my life. I was tired and Hungry and very crancky. But I did it! I won the overall on my first show. What a great experience.
Learned a lot, experienced a lot and decided I want to know more about this human body thing. I signed for a “Muscle system specialist” class where I can understand more about pain and recovery. Awesome class and experience.
In 2020 I got certified as a “Nutritiona coach” because I just wanted to know more about food and our relationship with it.. After all I didn’t have a great relationship with it for the first 25years of my life.
Today I am enjoying a great food-mind-body relationship and am beyond greateful for my experience and what I have learned. Now I am focused on helping others with their experience with food and their bodies. And of course learning more along the way.

I’m sure you wouldn’t say it’s been obstacle free, but so far would you say the journey have been a fairly smooth road?
So many obstacles. I had to change my entire world, beloved and understanding of how training/food worked. I never knew how much your mental state plays an important role in achieving a sustainable lifestyle. Unfortunately lots of us think that training and food is a belive system where it’s all down to science and lots of experimenting to find out what will work for YOU! We are not the same and what I do will not work for you. We don’t have the same past experiences, not even including food restrictions, allergies or inability to move in a certain way.
Being open minded and experimenting was what helped me get to where I am now.

Thanks – so what else should our readers know about your work and what you’re currently focused on?
I am a personal trainer, nutritions coach and a muscles systems specialist. My area of expertise is putting 2 and 2 together. Collecting data is in the center of my work. And even after I collect data more data comes in later to add into the puzzle. Currently my work is in strenght and conditioning. I am mostly proud of me stopping my stubbornness and opening myself for learning more, listening and being ok with not knowing something. Fitness is a very broad industry. Knowing it all is simply not possible.
There are lots of awesome professionals in the industry and we all try to do our best in what we do.
I have always been differnt due to my heritage and my personality is absolutely different, let’s say I am very open to having an uncomfortable conversation when ita needed in order to assist my clients with their goals. I’m pretty straightforward, love helping and discovering new things about our minds, bodies and habits. Observing and changing habits is in the center of my focus. It all goes down to where you put your focus and energy..

The crisis has affected us all in different ways. How has it affected you and any important lessons or epiphanies you can share with us?
Work with what you have. COVID changed our normal life away, but provided us with more to work with. It was more of a “Figure it out for yourself” kind of situation. And of course don’t stop taking care of yourself. Home gym became a thing. I was also lucky to have lived in California during the time and weather allowed outdoor sports..
On the client side was interesting how excited people became from just seeing a friendly face on our zoom meetings.
I am proud of my clients who did not give up on their exercise sessions during COVID.

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