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Chandler’s Rising Stars

The heart of our mission at VoyagePhoenix is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Greater Phoenix area’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out inspiring stories from Chandler and surrounding areas below.

Grant Williams

I have had the great privilege of attending the city’s schools and participating in many of its youth programs. Between several life experiences and leadership opportunities from both my involvement in school and the religious programs of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, the subject of the Golden Rule and the principles of tolerance and civility have become central tenets I strive to follow and promote. Read more>>

Angie Geren

This journey led me thru the halls of Southwest Institute for the Healing Arts to become a Mind/Body Wellness Practitioner and Polarity Therapist in hopes to help other women find their voice. However, when my daughter started self-injuring in 7th grade to deal with her own wounds, it brought me face to face with the underground world of process addictions and teen angst as I had never witnessed before. Read more>>

Chrystien Guyton

I’ve always known that one day I’d own my own business, it just took me some time to figure out where I was meant to serve my community and live in my purpose. My journey as a photographer began when my son was born. He was a 28-weeker as we call them, meaning he only made it to 28 weeks gestation and was a 2lbs 14oz preemie at birth. Our journey was so intense, and one of the ways I wanted to remember it all was by documenting via photography. Read more>>

Rob Young

I joined Merrill Lynch and spent 12 years there. In 2016, as I was sharing my story with some friends, I realized that I wanted to be able to serve my clients in a way that reflected my values and their values more than we were doing. I founded Blue Dot Wealth Management to put our client’s interests first and to help clients invest their assets in a way that is responsible and forward thinking. Read more>>

Lois Zozobrado

My mom tells me I always greeted people as they walked in. Anyways, as always parents tend to try to get their kids and activities. That wasn’t an issue for me for I ice skated, did tennis, danced, kickball, and even was part of a music group called Music in Motion. No matter what I did I wanted to make sure that I was active and creative, but there was one hurdle I had to jump over-stage fright. If you met me in person, you would realize that it’s pretty weird to hear that from someone who is so outgoing, but it’s very true. Read more>>

Elizabeth Vireich

If you really and truly believe in yourself you without a doubt going to survive in this industry. Show what have you got and never let your fears drown you. That’s a lesson that I have been learning lately. Arizona is now my home since I moved three years ago from Mexico. Although I didn’t start right away, I knew that somehow I would be continuing doing art. Read more>>

Jimmy Maler and Noeleen Sese

We are native Clevelanders and friends since elementary school, entrepreneurs and artistic, creative thinkers. We have had our journeys continue to intersect and reconnect at every turn. Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction could be the biggest step of your life… Read more>>

Emerald Williams

I started my fashion career in 2014. One day, I was googling good fashion schools in Arizona, and surprisingly Mesa Community College was the top school that came up. From there, I decided to take some classes at Mesa Community College in 2015 for fashion merchandising and design. Read more>>

Corbin O’Reilly

When we began the business in San Diego, it was quite the learning experience. From beer systems to liquor laws, to our truck build and all the marketing in between. Our first vehicle began with a wad of cash and a trip up to Los Angeles. To which we brought a 1952 Chevrolet Panel truck home and began all types of bodywork to it. The original Tap Truck was coming to life! What began as our love for craft beer and classic cars grew and grew into what we call Tap Truck today. Read more>>

Brad Siedlecki

My passion for Skateboarding began at an early age.  We had no public skateparks at the time in Upstate New York, where I grew up, so we had to build everything we wanted to skate.  It wasn’t until attending college at Arizona State University that I could turn my lifestyle into a career. While pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture I continually pushed the envelope looking beyond the typical park planning format and introduced a non-traditional approach when developing park systems. Needless to say, I wasn’t particularity liked by some of my professors. Read more>>


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