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Chandler 12.14.2017

Amy Grulke

My career choice came a bit later in life. After my divorce, I became a single mother of two. I quickly realized that my incomplete college degree from my teenage years was not enough. I had an important decision to make, one that was not only going to impact me but my newly downsized family. Read more>>

Rebecca Hidalgo Rains

When I was attending ASU, I went to work for my Dad and first earned my Real Estate license in 1993. By mid-nineties I started working with local builders selling new residential construction. In 1998 I earned my Brokers license and became the Designated Broker for a small family builder and within a few years joined the ranks at Trend Homes. Read more>>

Steve Petersen

In 1999, my pickup truck was burglarized while sitting in a parking lot. The thief used a screwdriver to pry in under the door handle so he could get at the rods inside the door that control the locks. Only a few small items were taken, but it was annoying how easy it was to get in and that the factory alarm did not sound due to the method of entry. Read more>>

Rachel Gledhill

When I was little my Mom used to make sure that I always had homemade cupcakes to take to school on my birthday. On Valentine’s Day, she would make sure there was a heart shaped cookie with every kid in my class’ name in frosting. I guess that is where I began to love to bake. Read more>>

Kyle Richardson

Started out wanting to focus on helping people in one manner or another. I was fortunate enough to be guided by several individuals that have been influential in my professional growth. I have an entrepreneurial spirit that is driven to help an individual succeed. Read more>>

Joe Campbell

Ever since I was a little boy I’ve always wanted to run my own business. I first learned the basics of business from my Dad, watching him build his concrete company from the ground up. I learned a lot from him but I never knew which industry I wanted to venture into. Read more>>

Smriti Rajkarnikar

As a child, I was always fascinated by Angels and Fairies. One evening I was in conversation with a Friend about dealing with the Stress and problems happens in our life or we manifest in our life. She was counseling me on how we can let us not be affected by these problems and she introduce me to the Angel Card and did a mini reading for me. Read more>>

Latonya Brooks

I started off working for Wells Fargo home mortgage at the ripe age of twenty. I was in charge of liquidation during the recession. It was my job to deliver bad news and tell people the sheriff is coming. I can remember a time when a mom called in telling me how her husband picked up and left her and the kids. Read more>>

Krystyna Bowman

We are the parents of four children. Our journey as childbirth educators started when we were pregnant with our first child thirteen years ago. We took Bradley Method classes to prepare for a natural labor in a hospital setting that is not always conducive or friendly towards couples who desire a natural birth. Read more>>

Dawn Krueger-Sherin L.Ac.

In 1994 I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and found relief using natural medicine. I began to experiment with nutrition and juicing. I started a supplement regiment that made a huge difference in how I felt. My health dramatically changed after receiving acupuncture treatments. Read more>>

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