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Chandler 12.01.2017

Alene Geed

Jewelry design meandered into my life gradually. My first designs used memory wire to create bracelets. The multiple coils were fun to experiment with… and I loved wearing the finished designs. Then I began seeing other possibilities and designs that I just HAD to unleash. Read more>>

Michael Denton

Growing up in an Italian family in the South, I learned at an early age that delicious, healthy food is an essential ingredient to a good life. As a child, I watched my mom and grandmother prepare culinary masterpieces from scratch. Read more>>

Kelly Perry

Rescuing animals from caged facilities and understanding the fear and anxiety that is inherent, Lucky Paws decided to build cage free as a way to rehabilitate and socialize animals in a cage-free environment. Many animals have found their way into our loving Sanctuary. Read more>>

Ngoc Trung and Chef Polo

Chef Polo brings home recipes from traditional Cambodian cuisine which he learned to make from his mother. Coming to the valley, we both noticed there were many options for southeast Asian foods but barely any from Cambodian. Read more>>

Yahasmin Soto Soehren

I never thought in a million years that I would be doing hair, let alone owning a hair salon with a Spa. I always wanted to be a medical doctor. I married young and had kids young so my life was put on hold to raise my children and be a wife.  Read more>>

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