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Chandler 01.11.2018

Natalie Rockwell

My interest in photography started very early in life. Before my family had a camera we had this giant Video Camera, my dad’s old fashioned camcorder. It was about a foot long, and several inches wide, and fit VHS tapes to record on. My father used it all the time to record family moments, and when I was 7 years old he showed me how to use it. Read more>>

Colleena Capaci

In 2002 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My family and friends took a year caring for me. My plan was to do as little as possible. However, that was not as easy as I thought it would be. After a few months I was ready to start a project. My sister suggested I make ornament hangers. Read more>>

Tisha Marie Pelletier

I first took the entrepreneurial leap in 2004 when I handed in my resignation as an Account Executive at an ad agency in Mesa, and decided it was time to be my own boss. I launched Simply Put Marketing Communications to work alongside small businesses to help them with their marketing needs. Read more>>

Chris Matthieu

Chris Matthieu is the President & CEO (and founder) of Computes, inc, the world’s largest computing company with no infrastructure. Computes is an infrastructureless, decentralized & distributed, global neural net supercomputing platform that harnesses the world’s wasted CPUs & GPUs for the greater good (and profit) eliminating the line between cloud and edge – infinite computing. Read more>>

Lynae Parrott, Leann Waisath

As sisters, we had the unique opportunity to have careers in a corporate setting where we actually got to work together for over 15 years. When the company restructured, we found ourselves unemployed and astutely aware that owning our own business would give us a greater sense of security and allow us to create our destiny on our own terms. Read more>>


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