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Casa Grande’s Rising Stars

The heart of our mission at VoyagePhoenix is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Greater Phoenix area’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out inspiring stories from Casa Grande and surrounding areas below.

Andrea Salazar

Working very casually in the industry, I decided to receive my Aesthetic License in 2013 at Pure Aesthetics to further my career as an Artist and to receive certifications as a Lash Artist as an added beauty enhancement. I worked for MAC cosmetics receiving extensive training as an Artist on the team throughout my career. Read more>>

LaShawnda Jones

I’ve been a struggling creative all my life. At the age of six, I began journaling, and when I was ten, I received my first camera, a Vivtar 110. For many years my journaling consisted of a written prayer for God to deliver me from an abusive parent. Through my adolescence, those prayers began forming poems – by that time the bad parent was out of the household. Read more>>

Marissa Heffernan

I first fell in love with journalism in high school, although when I signed up for the class, I was positive I would hate it. At that point, I was a creative writer, and “newspaper style” seemed so dry and boring. I quickly changed my tune, and at the end of that semester, I got a job as a youth columnist in my hometown’s daily paper. Read more>>

Jordan Ochoa-Stevens

When Ron and I got married, that was the gust of wind that made the storm grow even bigger. Pop Weds was born later that month, and it’s been a year of struggles, determination, and dreams. It’s the best thing to look back on all the craziness of my life and think I could have had the worst choices in life, but the storm inside pushed me for bigger and better things. Read more>>

Keneshia Raymond

I started in the wedding industry a little over ten years ago as a wedding planner. I quickly realized planning was not my passion, but the design and education were, I focused on growing my wedding design business and trying to figure out how I could make my mark on the wedding industry through education. Read more>>

Janette Hernandez

During my time off, I learned how to apply eyelash extensions and asked my friends and family to be my models. Once I started getting more practice, I realized this was something I felt passionate about. I didn’t want to do this as a hobby. I wanted to dedicate myself and be the best I could possibly be. Read more>>

Brenna Johnson

I really was doomed from the start. I caught the creative bug from my dad the second I was born into the inspiringly creative mess that was my childhood home. It was littered with illustrated books, posters about space, Nintendo gaming systems, musical instruments, Sci-Fi movies, and most importantly, pencils and paper. Read more>>

Nelson Gonzalez

The company was handed over to me by a friend who had been running the business and was moving to New York to do voluntary work. From there, Desert Moon Maintenance became Desert Moon Window Cleaning. Before starting with the business, I had been working a 9-5 at Khalil Bottling Company. We started off small with doing only commercial work and now, we have expanded to residential and two-three story buildings. Read more>>

Wendi Brungraber

I got started in photography in 2016, I had never even thought of photography. I had never owned or picked up a camera. It just wasn’t something I ever saw myself doing until I had a photo shoot of my own in May of 2016. I had had a big since leaving that day, and after receiving my photos, it was constantly on my mind. I wanted to learn how to do what she did for me, for other people. Read more>>

Megan Cappuccio

I originally started my business in August of 2017 just 20 days after leaving a 90 in-patient Rehab for Alcohol. I wanted to get a shirt made with “Retired Blackout Artist” written on it. I searched the internet and local shops. I WAS APPALLED AT HOW EXPENSIVE A CUSTOM SHIRT WAS! I started googling and YouTubing for hours a day. My husband said “why don’t you just make it yourself” and Bam I have never looked back since!!!! I started making shirts for my friends in the program that said “RECOVERY” lage across the front or “SOBER AF” Etc. I set up a Facebook page “Custom tees made Cheap” my husband said, don’t use Cheap that sounds bad, so I changed Cheap to on demand. I kept getting local orders through friends but was going nowhere fast! Read more>>

Ayshia Schisel

I am a Tucson, Arizona based photographer. I have always enjoyed taking pictures ever since I was a little kid. My mother was the one who introduced the wonderful world of photography to me when I was about 12 years old because she saw that flaming passion in my eyes. She would allow me to use her very own Canon EOS Rebel XSi camera so I could experiment with my artistic side. I loved going around my house taking pictures of whatever came across my path. Read more>>


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