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Art & Life with Rachel Farabaugh

Today we’d like to introduce you to Rachel Farabaugh.

Rachel, please kick things off for us by telling us about yourself and your journey so far.
I’ve been an artist my entire life, and I’ve known from a very young age that books would be my focus one day. I was encouraged and supported from childhood to sharpen my artistic talents and try a variety of mediums such as watercolor, drawing, painting and even wood carving. I was very experimental in my early years, and then when it came time to plan for college, I was told that I could not make a real living as an artist. I almost abandoned my artistic roots in pursuit of veterinary school, until the very last minute when I realized that being an artist was my life’s purpose. So I decided last minute to go to art school and follow my heart, which was the best decision I could have ever made. I graduated from Western Michigan University with a BFA in Fine Art and focused on Graphic Design. I found a job straight out of college and moved to Detroit where I spent two years in the corporate and publishing world working as an Art Director for Saturn and Advertising Designer for a magazine. After that, I moved to LA and followed my dreams of pursuing fashion and spent the next eight years designing websites and branding for major fashion clients all over the world with my design company called Bohemi+Chic. Today I still specialize in building eCommerce websites for fashion clients as well as building unique creative brands of my own. I spent the past three years designing my own Tarot cards after reading them for 20 years, so I created Inspirational Tarot. I also design my own jewelry and art under the brand Bohemian Dreamer, which is the name of my new art gallery in Sedona. I just opened on 11/11, and it’s a creative design studio as well as a gallery and shop. As far as books and publishing, I illustrated and published two children’s books about five years ago and learned so much about the self-publishing world. And one year ago last December, I created Dream Magic Publications to help others publish books of their own. I currently have three books in progress for clients, and it feels so good to be helping others bring their dreams to life! It’s a focus that I plan to devote more time to in 2019. Having my new art and design studio in Sedona allows me the creative space to pursue all of these avenues of design and merge them into one physical location. I’ve been really focused on painting the past few months, and I really enjoy having the ability to jump from one medium to the next depending on my mood. It stretches my range artistically and keeps me challenged mentally. While it might sound like I have a lot going on, I feel very free and relaxed knowing there is such a broad range of artistic expression that I can freely jump into when inspiration strikes.

Can you give our readers some background on your art?
I work in a variety of mediums such as acrylics, pen, ink, pastels, collage, photography and digital art. After spending all day on the computer designing for clients, all I want to do in the evenings is break free and paint large canvases and express myself with total freedom through art. Each week, a new idea strikes and I’ll spend 1-2 weeks painting as much as I can to satisfy the desire. Then a new inspiration will hit me, and I’ll change my style, medium or focus to something completely new, so I can keep experimenting. It’s important that I allow myself the flexibility to try everything before getting too comfortable in one style. I keep discovering new things this way, and it keeps the creative process alive and exciting. I never get bored and creating art is such a release for me. The ideas are endless, and it’s so much fun creating without any pressure to impress or satisfy a client. I create all day under these types of constraints, so creating art for myself with total freedom is very important to balance my energy and passion. Lately, I’ve been painting canvases with friends and channeling mystical creatures, ET’s, and most recently an Egyptian scarab that was 5 feet tall. Whatever idea hits me, I focus on that idea until it’s been fully realized. Then I feel satisfied to move onto something new. My favorite part about creating art with others is that I have no control over the outcome. It forces me out of my comfort zone, and I watch the art piece we create take on a life of its own. And what I really enjoy is watching the excitement and satisfaction that my friends experience throughout the process. Many of them have never painted before and do not consider themselves to be artistic. The works of art we create together are beyond incredible, and it has been sparking their own desires to create art again after years of not expressing themselves. I really love helping others to tap into their innate abilities. I believe everyone is an artist, but most have not given themselves the chance to express it or do not have the confidence to pursue it for a variety of reasons. I encourage everyone to feel the freedom and to release any pressure or expectations they put on themselves to be perfect. That’s when the true magic happens.

How do you think about success, as an artist, and what do quality do you feel is most helpful?
Success is waking up each morning, excited about what you get to do each day and going to bed satisfied about what you’ve done. For me, that’s the freedom to express myself in any way I desire and to choose how I spend my time and energy each day. There is nothing externally that would make my life better because everything I could ever desire is already here. Unlimited opportunities exist each day, wonderful friendships are being bonded through art and meaningful connection, and there is so much room for magic and creative expression with the new art gallery. I feel so grateful to live this life and be an artist in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. I get to fully live and express myself in a way that brings so much joy to myself and others, without any compromises. My intention each day is to inspire others to live their best lives and to express themselves freely as well. To know they are loved and supported, and that the world is a beautiful place to live in. Success is happiness with the life you have created for yourself, knowing that you can shape your reality in any way you desire.

What’s the best way for someone to check out your work and provide support?
Bohemian Dreamer gallery in Sedona will begin regular hosting exhibitions starting in 2019. The first show will be a group exhibition of all the channeled ETs and mythical creatures that have been created over the past few months. I currently have about 12 creatures ready to show along with 5 ETs. To join the guest list for special events, you can sign up online at under the newsletter section. I will be hosting special events as well where live art will be created, and group participation will be encouraged.

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Rachel Farabaugh

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    January 11, 2019 at 4:17 pm

    I am so impressed with the article on you, and photos of your work! I knew you were talented, but I am thrilled that you have expanded to so many different types of art. Kutos to you. Keep in touch
    Aunt Marilyn

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