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Community Member Spotlights

It’s more important to understand someone than to judge them. We think the first step to understanding someone is asking them the fundamental questions about who they are and how they became the person they are today. Understanding and empathy are essential building blocks for a better, more compassionate world. We’re incredibly fortunate to be able to ask these questions each week through our interview series. Below you’ll find interviews from our community members and content partners – the folks who’ve been heavily involved with us, collaborating with us on content, sponsoring our mission and spreading the word about the work we do.

Kimberly Carrillo | Dogtographer

I’m a photographer that specializes in dog portraits! I love pets, and believe pets are what keep us happy and thriving. I am also a rescue and shelter dog advocate. I volunteer at Maricopa County Care and Control, not only taking photos to help them get seen and adopted, but also walking the dogs and collecting donations for them. Read more>>

Dineta Williams-Trigg | Film Festival Director and Co Director of The Lebanese Independent Film Festival and The Fantasy Film Festival

I am a storyteller, covered with scars. My scars tell the story of where I have been and who I was at the time that I acquired them. Read more>>

Emily Molina | Sweets Patissier, Creative Soul

MOTHER. Sweets Patisserie. Creative Soul. ASU Alumni. Multi-business Owner. Jp Morgan Employee. Emily Molina. 27 years young. Born in Los Angeles, CA but raised in the Valley, Phoenix, AZ. My roots are from Mexican Heritage with both parents born in Sinaloa. Humble. Genuine. Determined. Ambitious. Go-Getter! I am a HUGE sports fan. I LOVE travel, dance, music, food, and having a good time. I LOVE spending time with family and numerous friends. Most importantly, MY DAUGHTER is the MOST important aspect of my life. ALL I do is to provide her with a better life! I have been baking since grade school days. I am a sole proprietor, registered, & licensed owner of my baking business CLOCOS SWEETS. I am a Maricopa County licensed notary. I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice & Criminology. I am a Partner in ONE HOPE wine spreading hope and sipping wine. I am finalizing the process of becoming Mentor for Washington Street Foundation! I am an innovator striving for greatness, nonconformist to society, not settling for less, and not tied to comfortableness. Read more>>

Mo Posey | Specialty Bakery

Everyone calls me Mo, or Mo the Baeker or Momo. I’ll respond to pretty much everything, ha! I have been baking allergy conscious treats for a little over 7 years. I love being able to provide desserts for the sugar-cravers rather they are on a diet, or have restrictions or just need a fix. We provide it all for all 🙂 Our guests are loyal and are beyond supportive of the bakery and I(switch to “we”) could not thank them enough. We are a black, woman,(female) lbgbtq+/owned business and we except(accept) and love all walks of life. We just want to make the world sweet again 🙂 Read more>>

Ryan Crandall | Chiropractic Physician

I am a movement based chiropractor. I specialize in chiropractic manipulation, dry needling, and rehabilitation exercises. My goal is to find the root cause of what is plaguing my patients and find a way to get them back to doing what they love as quickly as possible. Read more>>

 Hayden Van Hulzen | Owner of HVH Media and Marketing and Twenty One North

My name is Hayden Van Hulzen and I am the Founder of HVH Media & Marketing and Co-Founder of Twenty One North. After working in marketing for over a decade on the national and global scale in some of the most competitive industries including: automotive, sports, and cosmetics HVH Media & Marketing was born. Read more>>

Kary Sinkule | Yoga’s Arc, LLC

Thank you! I have dedicated the last 30 years of my life to health, wellness, and education, and I have been teaching and practicing yoga for over 25 years. I spent 20 years in Public Education, which I have since retired from to follow my passion for sharing yoga through my Yoga Delivery Company, Yoga’s Arc, LLC. As Founder and CEO, I love to share the vision of Yoga’s Arc by “Providing Yoga for Everyone, Anywhere, Anytime”. Read more>>

Geoff Cummings | Owner

My name is Geoff Cummings, owner of On the Level Marketing & Consulting. I have a degree in Marketing and Communications from Aquinas College, in Grand Rapids Michigan. With over 35 years in customer service, my experience has afforded me in providing marketing for a Fortune 500 company and for a local non-profit company. Additionally, I have done marketing for silent auctions, political debates, managed over 200 employees, and started a local fraternal organization. I take great pride in everything I do. Read more>>

Parul Agrawal | Business Growth Strategist, Publisher, Author

The root term in the word “Authority” is Author. If entrepreneurs, business owners want to build their authority in any field and showcase their expertise then the best way to do so in writing a book. Authority is a powerful thing. It’s the reason why people listen to what you have to say and take it seriously. The fact that you are an expert in your field can make or break how someone perceives your business, especially if you are running a new company without much of a track record. Read more>>

Yvette Sandoval | Hairstylist, Balayage Specialist

My name is Yvette Sandoval. I am married to my high school sweetheart we’ve been married 20 years. We have two amazing kids Araceli is 18 and our son Roman is 16. I adore my little family as well as our fur baby Mazey. I am a hairstylist and a balayage specialist. I love to balayage, because it requires me to think a lot about what I’m doing. I love to create and work with my hands. Balayage is an art it’s a form of painting the hair. I always use foils when I balayage, because most of my clientele have very dark brown hair, so I need that extra power a foil can give me to lift them to their desired level. This technique is also called a foilayage. I absolutely love what I do and I can’t wait to tell you all about it! Read more>>

Jen Jamē | Mosaic Artist & Instructor

I’m a mosaic artist and instructor. I love art of all kinds and believe everyone should have at least one authentic art piece in their home. I create DIY mosaic kits for adults, kids, families, friends, colleagues, and students! These mosaic kits are very easy-to-follow art lessons in a box! I ship anywhere in the USA! I also teach people how to create their own mosaic art. Read more>>

Heidi Thompson, EdM, JD | Owner/Attorney-At-Law

I am a long-time educational counselor and behavior specialist who now runs a legal practice in estate planning in Phoenix. Instead of helping teachers and students in public schools, I now use those same teaching, counseling, and coaching skills to help families “lifeguard their legacies”–ensuring that what they’ve worked for goes flawlessly through their will or trust to those they love and the causes they care about. Read more>>

Vicky Castillo | MSN, RN, CNE / Founder/Owner FACETS Healthcare Training

In 2008, Edwviges “Vicky” Castillo founded FACETS Healthcare Training, LLC in Phoenix, Arizona. Though her legal name is Edwviges, she laughingly says she goes by Vicky because her name is so difficult to pronounce and only her mother and grandmother call her by her given name. Vicky considers herself an Arizona native, only living two years in Nevada. She completed her entire education in Arizona. From grade school in west Phoenix, moving on to graduate in 1981 from historical Phoenix Union High School with High Distinction. Read more>>

Kadeem Quick | The Producer

I’m Prince-Kadeem Quick (Prince-Kay) for short. I’m a Zimbabwean native I’m a producer for artists I originated from upstate New York, I gotten chance to travel the world as teenager my dad was in the military so kind of gotten the lucky travel to different countries and experience different cultures. When I was 20, I started taking piano lessons and as I worked full time at a local vinyl/music store. Customers would often come in and ask me about different vinyls we will have long conversations about great artists on the vinyls they be blown away how much I’m musical inclined with different eras of music. Read more>>

Shamirrah Hill | Children’s Book Author & Self-Publishing Expert

Shamirrah Hill is the co-founder of DG Self-Publishing and the author of the best-selling children’s book, The Shy Monster. Her online course helps people go from confused aspiring authors to successful published children’s book authors. Her company specializes in illustration packages and start-to-finish support for self-publishing authors. Read more>>

Shyla Collier | Online Marketing Expert & Amazon Best Selling Author

I am Shyla Collier, the owner of Premiere Social Media, Amazon Bestselling author and a very blessed single mother of an 11 year old son. I have 13 years experience in marketing, a vast background in photography, advertising and business ownership. I am a graduate of Northern Arizona University with a degree in advertising and photography. I had one of the very first profiles and business pages when Facebook first was made. I help other business owners take their business to the next level with digital marketing. Read more>>

Seher Seven | Author, Herbalist and Virtual Educator

Peace! I am Seher, originally from San Diego CA and currently living in beautiful Tempe AZ. I am an unschooling mom of 3 young children as well as an author, herbalist and community educator. I am the creator of Align with Plants, a wellness brand committed to sharing the healing powers of plants throughout the community. I have used plants to care for, heal, guide and nourish myself and my family for the last 15 years. I know plants heal because of the countless experiences I have had with my family and my community. It is the birthright of the people to know the land we live on and how to use it to thrive. When we live in alignment with the self-sustaining and regenerative ways of Mother Earth, we co-create a future we all want to live in. I will use my voice to share this message for as long as I am here. Read more>>

Ebony Adell | Sustainable Luxury Designer, yogi, protest artist, writer and mother

My name is Ebony Adell and I am a Sustainable Luxury Fashion Designer of the brand TSX Design House (Tantric sex design house), yogi, writer, protest artist and mother of 3. We are a sustainable luxury brand umbrella that designs custom and mass customized products and provides sustainable services like chakra activation, yoga, meditation, chakra dance and art education. My first book SxEyecon is currently in production as a webseries. Read more>>

Will Goldstein | Filmmaker. Producer. Writer. Director.

It’s an ongoing process, with a lot of different moving parts. But I couldn’t be more excited about it. It’s taken years of work and hustle to motivate productions of this scale to shoot in town (considering the local government offers no incentives). So, I’m glad we’ll be able to help get local artists and filmmakers working. Read more>>

Mighty Tim Young | Performer, Singer, Songwriter & Composer

I was a transplant to New York City from Pennsylvania, and now I’m a transplant from New York City to the wilds of Arizona. I’m a performer/singer/songwriter. I’ve got four decades of experience under my belt. I love the writing life even through all its ebbs and flows. Before my musician hat arrived, I was an actor in NYC. The theatre actually allowed me to find my path to the music. I was glad it did. I’m always writing new songs and now my latest release, The Lucky Ones, will soon be available everywhere. Read more>>

Carmello Salazar | Artist & Entrepreneur

Ayy wassup if you just checking me out I’ma local artist/entrepreneur I go by Pima, karmello Drip or Pima3055. I write music roll up and am building an entertainment brand which is working to come out with clothing, products and services that I eventually want to expand into the marijuana business. Such as cultivating since it started with a pro cannabis intentions. Read more>>

Iysha Wedderburn | State Board Licensed Esthetician

My Name is Iysha Wedderburn Owner and founder of Sparkle N Shine Skincare Back in 2013 I was an aspiring Makeup Artist and worked in Corporate America I felt that there was something bigger in my passion that I needed to be doing So I went to Aesthetics school to become a licensed esthetician. Read more>>

Brittany Spriet | Owner Art Macabre

My name is Brittany and I am a bone artist and taxidermist. I work both out of my home and at a commercial taxidermy shop. My goal is to bring beauty and a second life to the dead. Read more>>

Carlos Vazquez | Tattoo Artist

Hello, my name is Carlos Vazquez, I’m a tattoo artist originally from phoenix and I work in Scottsdale. I’m 24 years of age and have been tattooing now for 9 years. I branched out on my own around 6 months ago after having worked in a tattoo shop for 4 years. I specialize in large scale black and grey realism but I still enjoy tattooing small designs. Read more>>

Stephanie Riel | Founder & Owner, RielDeal Marketing

I am a brand strategist, marketing consultant and the founder and owner of RielDeal Marketing. Since starting RielDeal Marketing as a side hustle in college, I have spent more than a decade supporting everyone from small businesses to Fortune 10 companies in the e-commerce, health and wellness, technology, real estate, fitness, beauty, and retail industries to achieve growth. Our RielDeal Marketing team offer complete marketing support – from brand messaging and web design to social media, automation and campaign management. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my husband, at the beach, or with our two dogs – Hops a rescue and Teddy the Schnoodle. Read more>>

Caitlin Strempel | Digital Strategy Expert & CEO of Rising Ranks Digital

I am the founder and CEO of Rising Ranks Digital, an SEO and digital strategy agency based here in Phoenix, Arizona! I launched my business shortly after one of the most devastating times of my life when had to unexpectedly take our 2-month old son to the hospital for a heart procedure (he is happy and healthy now!). It made me realize that I was letting the small fears in life hold me back and that I was no longer available for playing small. Read more>>

Andrea Beaulieu | Speaking and Authentic Leadership Coach and Trainer; Positive Intelligence® Coach; Speaker, Singer/Songwriter

Greetings! I am Andrea Beaulieu, a speech, authentic leadership, and Positive Intelligence® coach, consultant and speaker/trainer serving executives, entrepreneurs, professional service providers, mission-driven leaders, artists and dreamers. I work with professional, growth-minded individuals and teams who are ready to be all in and have fun while discovering and learning to express their authentic voice through fearless speaking, heartfelt communication, and the creative discovery of new opportunities that give rise to genuine meaning, purpose and clear-minded action! Read more>>

Craig Thornton | Visual Artist

I am Craig Thornton, an independent visual artist living and working in Mesa, Arizona. I specialize in dark and surreal fantasy drawings. Read more>>

Jonathan Ham | Vacation Rental Brand

Hey, I’m Jonathan. I’m a Husband, Dad to 2 little princesses, internet entrepreneur, small business owner, retired collegiate gymnast, fitness enthusiast, craft beer lover, and mountain bike junkie! I live in the greater Los Angeles area but love to relax and unwind while visiting family and lounging poolside in Scottsdale! My goal is to provide you with the exact experience I would expect for a great week away. Read more>>

Megan Befort | Filmmaker + Photographer

Hi! I’m Megan. I’m the filmmaker, photographer and fellow parent at Magpie Love Photography. I create stress free films and photos that capture real life for awesome families. What does that mean? Well, you won’t find me posing families in flowing dresses in the desert or at the top of a mountain. I believe capturing families in the place they call home is the most authentic, genuine and FUN way for families to tell their stories for generations to come. Read more>>

Lauren Mcdowell | Makeup & Astrology

Hey world I am Lauren McDowell I am an Artist and Mystic I have been professionally doing makeup for 15+ years in all types of creative fields I created my business with the transformative aspect of before and after photos and how powerful the art of makeup can transform a client’s self-esteem just by morphing them into a better version of themselves. I also added to my creative business of makeup and art my psychic gifts of astrology & tarot I have always had the gift or reading people, places, and things and now I have combined the 2 for wedding parties, bachelorette parties, birthday parties etc… You can get glam and have a reading Which is all about self-love and self-improvement and truly getting to know yourself inside and out and going towards your destiny! Read more>>

Jacki Cohen | Glass Artist

Originally, I started as an admirer of glass art. I would purchase glass art on vacations, at art fairs, and galleries. I have always been fairly artistic and started taking art classes to explore my talent, classes in watercolors, drawing, etc and nothing felt quite right. I discovered a not for credit stained class through a local community college and registered for the class. I learned how to cut the glass, how to use the tools and fell in love with handling the medium. The stained-glass end product felt too restrictive for my personal taste. The studio offered a fused glass class. Read more>>

Cody Newport | Tour Manager

My name is Cody Newport. I am a lover of all things travel related and the overall experiences one picks up while exploring new regions. I love immersing myself in nature and showing others the land I hold so dear to my heart. I will share insight into my tourism business located in Scottsdale, AZ and my experiences in the tourism industry. Read more>>

Andrew Mark | Tattoo Artist

My name is Andrew Mark also known as Drew and I’m a professional tattoo artist. Read more>>

Emmett Graham | Artist

I am a realism painter, based in Glendale, Arizona in the United States. I do cultural research and explore different places, gaining my inspiration by combining what I see and research. My aim is to capture an image that invokes an emotion and expresses duality through the medium of oil paint with brushes and rags. Read more>>

Christopher Hernandez | Twitch Streamer

I am an artist that uses twitch to show off more “behind the scenes” to my artwork. I also enjoy playing video games live to my audience. I play a variety of games ranging from major titles, to crowd funded indie games. I enjoy entertaining others, it has been a passion of mine ever since i was a kid, and plan on entertaining so much more in the coming future. Read more>>

Elizabeth Ayodele | Writer and Filmmaker

I’ve been making narrative films for some years now. First began with short films and now I’m making feature length ones. My first long-form movie Orange Sky Grace was completed in 2018 and won awards at US and international festivals including Davis-Greater Bay area International Film Festival where it received Special Award for Outstanding Script Writing, Nevada International Film Festival, where it received the Gold Reel Award, Utah Film Festival and Awards and Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival where it placed Semi-finalist and Finalist respectively. Read more>>

Nino Daniel | Choreographer + Actor + Lyricist

Hi, y’all! I’m Nino Daniel, resident funny man-dancer-actor-rapper! My family & I moved to the United States back in summer of 1995 for a better chance at life and greater opportunity. Over the years, I kept up with school, garnered two college degrees and graduated triple honors. After college, I got into doing some choreography work for local artists, movie directors and competitions. I’m really enjoying it all! I love making people laugh which caused a mega surge of followers on TikTok. Now, I’m here doing what I love with all of my blessings! Read more>>

Aimee Blake | Founder – Sugar Sugar

Hi! My name is Aimee Blake. I founded Sugar Sugar in 2012. Read more>>

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