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An Artistic Voyage: exploring local creative and artistic works

Raw, unfiltered creative expression – from stories and photographs to illustrations and paintings – is at the heart of VoyagePhoenix.    In the coming weeks you’ll find in-depth conversations with many of the artists and creatives we’ve been introduced to lately, but below you’ll find a sneak peak of some of the art and artists that we’ve been most excited about recently.

Canine Glamour Shot 🐶

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We just wanted to take a moment to reflect on the tour and thank all those that have been involved. First and foremost, our road doggies in @SteaksauceMustache for inviting us on this adventure with them. I don’t think there’s a more fun show that we would rather watch every night then theirs. Next off, all the venues and promoters that welcomed us into their cities. It’s so awesome to see DIY spaces from bike shops to Chinese food restaurants be transformed into places where the community can come together and support each other. Then there’s the blogs, podcasts and photographers that helped cover the shows. We know that no one in this business is Scroodge McDucking into piles of gold coins, so the fact that people have chosen to take their valuable time to feature bands like us, truly speaks to their level of commitment to the art. Finally, our friends, family and fans that have come out to make some memories with us. We’re just 4 guys with a questionable amount of talent doing what we love. We’re no better or worse than anyone out there but I’ll be damned if we don’t have an insatiable passion for it. Just thinking that people have supported us on this 6 year journey (and counting) is beyond humbling and we appreciate it more than words can express. We’re looking forward to being back home on Thursday April 12th at The Nile Underground with Steaksauce Mustache, Wolf King, Glitterbomb, Florida Man and The dead beat hymns. See ya in the pit.

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Wolf tattoo from tonight.

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  1. Lisa Pechnik

    April 13, 2018 at 3:41 pm

    Would love to chat about our Partner program as it pertains to doing good works with non-profits in the valley.

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